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The Gumball Rally picture

Franco: Remember the first rule of Italian driving. [Pulls the rearview mirror off and throws it over his shoulder.]. What's behind me is not important.

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Silver Streak picture

Bob Sweet: What were you doing back there? Getting a little ass?
George Caldwell: No, I was squeezing tits.

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The Bad News Bears picture

Tanner Boyle: We lost eighteen to nothin', Buttercrud, and the Athletics are the worst team in the league.
Ahmad Abdul Rahim: Second worst.
Tanner Boyle: Sorry, I forgot.

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Murder By Death picture

Milo Perrier: No, no, it's all right. My wine is not poisoned. It was just a bad year.

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Freaky Friday picture

Mrs. Andrews: Annabel, how do you like yourself?
Annabel: I'm not sure yet.
Mrs. Andrews: Annabel, about your hair, I swear they only took off an inch and a half. And I bought you a new outfit, but you don't have to wear it. your teeth! Don't you like your teeth now?
Annabel: Mom, I'm not talking about how I look, I'm talking about how I am. I'm a lot smarter than I realised I am, and a lot dumber too.

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Car Wash picture

Charlie: I just don't understand white folk.

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The Likely Lads picture

Terry Collier: That's just one of life's bitter ironies Bob.
Bob: I suffer a lot from those.

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The Big Bus picture

Kitty Baxter: Dan's a good man, and he's never eaten a whole person in his entire life.

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Family Plot picture

Blanche: You're a fink.
George: If I'm a fink then you're an ungrateful bitch.

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The Pink Panther Strikes Again picture

Mrs. Leverlilly: You've ruined that piano!
Clouseau: What is the price of one piano compared to the terrible crime that's been committed here?
Mrs. Leverlilly: But that's a priceless Steinway!
Clouseau: Not anymore.

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Bugsy Malone picture

Tallulah: Suddenly everybody wants to be in show business.

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The Seven Percent Solution picture

Sherlock Holmes: No, Watson! The Queen wouldn't like it.

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Nickelodeon picture

Franklin Frank: Any jerk can direct.

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The Seven-Per-Cent Solution picture

Sherlock Holmes: No, Watson! The Queen wouldn't like it.

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Mother, Jugs & Speed picture

Harry Fishbine: This is still the United States of America, god damn it! Los Angeles, California! Land of the free, home of the.
Mother: Rams and the Dodgers.

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