Best western movie factual errors of 1975

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Bite the Bullet picture

Factual error: The motorcycle is not right for the period. It looks like a 1970's Kawasaki stripped down. Look at the rear wheel (too big), motor is 2 stroke (not one), and the exhaust has a muffler.

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Breakheart Pass picture

Factual error: All the couples on the train are modern and not correct for the period. Trackwork back then wasn't very good, considering the speed that the back end of the train is going it probably would have derailed long before it did. The caboose and the rest of the train seen to be just shunted off the track for the dramatic crash, realistically it would have flipped over and gone over the trestle.

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Rooster Cogburn picture

Factual error: On their journey, Rooster is bragging about his navy colts, when actually his sidearm is a Colt .45 Peacemaker, also known as an Army Colt M1873.

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