Best adventure movie mistakes of 1972

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Deliverance picture

Revealing mistake: In a scene where the canoes are shooting the rapids through a sheer cliff you can clearly see a stuntman climbing out of the water onto the rock.

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Tintin and the Lake of Sharks picture

Continuity mistake: When Tintin and the two kids are escaping from the submarine lair, the water level keeps changing. It's supposed to be more and more high, but it's lower in some shots.

Dr Wilson

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Silent Running picture

Revealing mistake: Freeman Lowell has several cargo containers dumped off the spaceship, to make it appear the ship has suffered an accident. A wide shot shows the ship receding in the distance, with the containers rolling weightlessly in the foreground. As the foreground containers pass slightly in front of the more distant ones, they don't mask them; their images overlap. The containers were apparently composited into the shot with simple multiple exposures. (00:35:40)

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All the Way Boys picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Spencer and Hill fly the second air plane, the studio headlights are mirrored in Hill's sunglasses. (00:20:35)

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Innocent Bystanders picture

Factual error: When Craig is being tortured in "New York," a spy operative threatens to plug in the electric shock machine in a European socket/outlet, rather than an American-type socket.

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Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance picture

Revealing mistake: When Itto puts the cover on the baby carriage it's obvious that the sudden downpour of rain is just a sprinkler placed in front of the camera. Pay attention to the cover, Itto's clothing and the puddle behind the carriage, they remain completely dry/untouched. (00:11:00)

Jack Vaughan

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Aguirre, The Wrath of God picture

Continuity mistake: After the scene when Aguirre and his men raid the cannibal village they get back on the raft. Aguirre approaches Ursua, lying injured next to his wife, and stares him down. Ursua's wife then stands up to Aguirre and grabs his arm. The shot then changes to a different angle and suddenly the horse appears behind Aguirre so that he can walk into it unexpectedly as he turns around. (00:53:30)

Jack Vaughan

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Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx picture

Revealing mistake: When Itto is bathing, near the beginning of the film, he hears the clanking sound and then there is a close-up shot of his face. The start of his wig, the hairline, is visible. (00:08:48)

Jack Vaughan

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