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Hello Dolly! picture

Horace: Any man who goes to a big city deserves what happens to him.

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The Italian Job picture

Charlie Croker: It's a very difficult job and the only way to get through it is we all work together as a team. And that means you do everything I say.

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Carry on Camping picture

Charlie Muggins: Hello. What's a nice girl like you doing with an old cow?
Girl with cow: I'm taking her to the bull.
Charlie Muggins: Well couldn't your father do that?
Girl with cow: No it must the the bull.

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Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice picture

Carol Sanders: I didn't do it because you did it.
Bob Sanders: Why then? Oh, why, God Almighty.
Carol Sanders: I did it because I wanted to do it.
Bob Sanders: Why?
Carol Sanders: Because! Because I wanted to do it! I-I-I just wanted to see if I could do it.
Bob Sanders: Why in my house? Why in my bed?
Carol Sanders: Well, Bob, it just seems like a convenient thing. You were not going to be here.
Bob Sanders: He's not in my pajamas, is he?
Carol Sanders: No.

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Carry On Again Doctor picture

Ellen Moore: ...they told me you were a wonderful surgeon.
Frederick Carver: Well I suppose I am a cut above the rest.

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Paint Your Wagon picture

Ben Rumson: Grace, I give you the boy. Give me back the man.

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Cactus Flower picture

Señor Sánchez: What shall we drink?
Stephanie: Oh, let's have some of that crazy Idaho champagne.

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Support Your Local Sheriff picture

Jason McCullough: After we're married - no matter how many kids we got - when I say we're off to Australia... we pack up, kids and all, and off we go.
Prudy: What do I wanna go to Australia for?
Jason McCullough: Because that's where your husband would be. And girls usually go where their husbands are.

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Frosty the Snowman picture

Narrator: Frosty realised that Karen had to get out of that car as soon as possible. So when the little freight train stopped to let an express full of happy Christmas travelers pass, Frosty took advantage of the opportunity and quickly got them all out.

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Putney Swope picture

Photographer: I'll do it for nothing - I need the work.
Putney Swope: I can get anybody for nothing. Take a walk.

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A Boy Named Charlie Brown picture

Linus Van Pelt: You look like you've been through shock treatment or something.
Charlie Brown: What's more shocking than having your faults projected on a screen?

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Castle Keep picture

The Count: The Maldorais line must continue, and God must know where the Americans fit. Americans are brave, and that is why they seem like children. They are young, wild animals, so what can you expect?.. I expect a child.

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Take The Money And Run picture

The Narrator: Food on a chain gang is scarce and not very nourishing. The men get one hot meal a day: a bowl of steam.

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