Best crime movie character mistakes of 1968

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Character mistake: After Fleming has murdered his wife, he warns his girlfriend not to touch anything in the apartment, but he hands her a drink which he already prepared for her. At his direction she also makes a telephone call, holding the receiver with a cloth he hands her, but dialling the number with her bare fingers. On top of that, he hands her a pair of gloves after she has made the call - she would have touched or handled all sorts of things in the room by then. Why didn't he hand her the gloves as soon as she stepped in the room?

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Character mistake: In the beginning of the film, Oliver has been brought by Mr. and Mrs. Bumble to the Governor's door after asking for more to eat. Mrs. Bumble then sings, "They'll lay the blame on the one who named him," and as Mr. Bumble is responding, "O-li-ver", look at Oliver. He is completely spacing out and not in character at all - staring off into the distance and flicking his tongue in and out of his mouth.


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Suggested correction: The character is in character, he is acting alarmed and concerned and regretting his choice to inform the governor. As seen

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