Best comedy movie mistakes of 1968

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Yours, Mine and Ours picture

Continuity mistake: In their first night at the new house the Beardsley's lose power completely. When the doctor arrives (Tom Bosley) he rings the electric doorbell.

BocaDavie Premium member
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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang picture

Continuity mistake: Truly crashes into the pond three times: first when the kids are playing in the road and she takes them home, second on the day of the picnic when she says she has nothing else to do and will go on the picnic too, and third at the end of the film when Potts finds out he is rich. In the second of these three, when Mr. Potts carries Truly from her car in the pond, the end of the ribbons on the back of her dress gets soaked in mud, but when you see her again at the beach there is no sign of the dirt.

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Carry On Up the Khyber picture

Continuity mistake: During the bombardment of the British Consulate, there are several continuity errors, including a self-repairing window and blind situated behind the piano. And it cannot be put down to the nature of the film because several errors have been carefully avoided.

David Mercier
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The Odd Couple picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Walther Matthau is making sandwiches for his poker pals (during the movie's first poker game), Matthau drops a loaf of bread on the kitchen floor. If you look at his hand, you'll see that he flicks his thumb to make the loaf of bread fall.

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The Party picture

Continuity mistake: Hrundi is watching Bill Kelso and his lady friend playing pool. As he watches, note that all of the pool balls are in the corner of the table. Hrundi then talks to them and becomes friendly and gets Kelso's autograph. Then, during the scene suddenly all the pool balls have changes their position and they are now spread out instead of being in the corner. Nobody moved them and nobody shot the balls.

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Spider Baby, or The Maddest Story Ever Told picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Peter rolls up the car window upon arival at the Merry estate, crew members' reflections can be seen in the window.

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The Love Bug picture

Revealing mistake: When Carole and Jim rush out of Herbie to find Thorndyke under the bonnet, you can see that Carole is not Michele Lee but her stunt double.

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The Wrecking Crew picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the long car chase, after Freya tells Matt that he's an awful driver Matt makes a sharp right turn and the car chasing them stops short, and when they back the car up we can see the reflection of a crew member wearing a hat (perhaps the cameraman) on the car window.

Super Grover Premium member
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Speedway picture

Factual error: First time I ever saw a 600 mile NASCAR race where nobody had to make a tire change.

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Norman Normal picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Norman standing by the desk in his boss' office, you can see there is nothing in front of the boss on his desk, but when we see the boss in the next shot, a piece of paper suddenly appears.

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Yellow Submarine picture

Continuity mistake: During the song "Hey Bulldog," before the song starts the dogs are on a leash barking. When the song starts and the dogs stop barking, the leash disappears.

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The Scalphunters picture

Continuity mistake: Joe Bass, freshly robbed by the Indians, is asking the slave "You come a long way from home, you ran away?" In his hand is a bottle of liquor with the cork on. Change shot, the bottle is open. New change, and now the bottle is closed again. (00:08:00)

Sammo Premium member
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Prudence and the Pill picture

Factual error: The film tells the stories of five male/female couples. They have conflicting aims in their relationships. For example, one wants to become a parent while the other does not want children. Thus they all obtain supplies of contraceptive pills (in bottles) and re-label them as aspirins or vitamin tablets (or vice versa) depending on whether they want pregnancy or not. The bottles get mixed up, causing panic and anxiety for all involved. All the interlocked stories are based on a complete error. Contraceptive pills are not stored in bottles. Contraceptive pills are packaged in 'blister packs'. This basic fact makes a nonsense of the entire film.

Rob Halliday
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