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Camelot picture

King Arthur: Merlyn told me once, "Never be too disturbed if you don't understand what a woman is thinking. They don't do it very often."

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Casino Royale picture

Sir James: Be careful, that's my loose kneecap.

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The Dirty Dozen picture

Maggot: It's judgment day, sinners! Come out, come out wherever you are.

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Thoroughly Modern Millie picture

Mrs. Meers: Pook.

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Carry On Doctor picture

Dr James Kilmore: Just as I thought. You fell on your coccyx.
Francis Bigger: I did not. I fell on my back.
Dr James Kilmore: Your coccyx is at the base of the spine.
Francis Bigger: Well I've never heard it called that before.

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Bedazzled picture

Stanley Moon: You're a nutcase! You're a bleedin' nutcase.
George Spiggott: They said the same of Jesus Christ, Freud, and Galileo.
Stanley Moon: They said it of a lot of nutcases too.
George Spiggott: You're not as stupid as you look, are you, Mr. Moon?

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How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying picture

Miss Jones: He was a nice boy, but somebody's head has to roll.

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Barefoot in the Park picture

Corie Bratter: Paul, I think I'm gonna be a lousy wife. But don't be angry with me. I love you very much - and I'm very sexy.

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The Reluctant Astronaut picture

Roy Fleming: Why is Pa always trying to run my life?
Mrs. Fleming: Well, after all, he was a corporal in World War I, and you know how bossy they were.
Roy Fleming: But, Ma, that war's been over for ages.
Mrs. Fleming: Not to your father. He loves that war just as much today as he did then.

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Follow That Camel picture

Sgt. Nocker: Hold it baby. How about giving us the Dance of the Two Veils?
Corktip: You mean seven veils.
Sgt. Nocker: Why bother with preliminaries?

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Fathom picture

Fathom Harvill: The name's Fathom Harvill.
Mike, Owner of Casa Miguel: Fathom? How'd you get a name like Fathom?
Fathom Harvill: It's short for Elizabeth.

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Two for the Road picture

Joanna Wallace: Shouldn't get too much sun the first day.
Mark Wallace: I don't burn. I've got asbestos skin.

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Clambake picture

Scott Heyward: Will you check by the desk and see if that package arrived yet?
Tom Wilson: First thing. If it's here I'll send it to you toot sweet. That's French for pronto.

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One Born Every Minute picture

Mordecai Jones: Educational Credits: "M.B.S., C.S., D.D. - Master of Back-Stabbing, Cork-Screwing and Dirty-Dealing!"

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The Graduate picture

Buck Henry: Are you here for an affair, sir?

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The Producers picture

Max Bialystock: Leo, he who hesitates is poor.

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The Fearless Vampire Killers picture

Count Von Krolock: A year ago exactly on this same night we were assembled here in this very room: I your pastor, and you my beloved flock. With hopefulness in my heart I told you then that with Lucifer's aid we might look forward to a more succulent occasion. Cast back your minds. There we were, gathered together, gloomy and despondent, around a single meager woodcutter.

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