Best sci-fi movie quotes of 1965

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Planet of the Vampires picture

Capt. Mark Markary: I'll tell you this, if there 'are' any intelligent creatures on this planet... they're our enemies.

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The Tenth Victim picture

Narrator: Why control the births when we can increase the deaths?

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The Eye Creatures picture

Carl Fenton: I'm loaded for action tonight. I'll take a drive and see what I can pick up.
Mike: Fat chance. Remember, the car's half mine, so drive careful with it.
Carl Fenton: Your half is the front seat. I won't be using your half much tonight.

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Die, Monster, Die! picture

Susan Witley: Something dreadful's going to happen, I know it.

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Monster a-Go Go picture

Narrator: What you are about to see may not even be possible, within the narrow limits of human understanding.

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Village of the Giants picture

Elsa: I'm hungry too. What's for breakfast?
Fred: Sheriff, on toast.

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