Best movie mistake pictures of 1962

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Dr. No mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Bond sits down by a table, puts some cards down, and pulls his gun out. He's wearing a tie, but when we see a closeup of him screwing on the silencer, his tie disappears. (00:54:40)

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Lolita mistake picture

Other mistake: In the opening credits, there is one credit that reads "Miss Winter's costumes by Gene Coffin." This is meant to be referring to actress Shelley Winters and the man who provided her costumes, however the apostrophe has been put in the wrong place. Since her full surname is Winters, putting the apostrophe in between the R and S in incorrect. The apostrophe should have gone after the S to spell out "Miss Winters' costumes" and not Winter's. (00:01:35)

Casual Person
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