Best family movie mistakes of 1958

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Royal Cat Nap picture

Continuity mistake: In order to tiptoe across the tacks without being hurt, Tom puts a metal gauntlet on his feet. At this point, you can see the floor is completely covered in tacks, but when Jerry and Nibbles are at the same spot a little later on, the tacks have disappeared.

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Hare-Way to the Stars picture

Continuity mistake: Marvin the Martian creates three Instant Martians to capture Bugs. Bugs then disposes of one of them by tricking it via the scooter type vehicles, but he then runs into three Martians, when there should be only two left.

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A Pizza Tweety-Pie picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester sucks the spaghetti into his mouth after thinking he has captured Tweety, you can see bowl next to him is full of spaghetti, but when he is clobbered on the head by the mallet, the bowl is empty.

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Robin Hood Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When Daffy is standing on the branch of the tree ready to jump off, he is holding on to a rope. When the camera angle changes to behind Daffy in the next shot, the rope is missing.

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Pre-Hysterical Hare picture

Audio problem: When Bugs says "I just hope I will be in one piece, so I can appreciate it", his mouth is not moving.

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The Adventures of Hal 5 picture

Continuity mistake: Ben kicks the tractor when he can't get it started, denting the grille, the next time we see the tractor the grille is straight.

eric 64

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Continuity mistake: When Daffy rushes up to take his breakfast from Elmer, you can see the door behind them is closed, but when Elmer tells Daffy he's had enough, the door is now open.

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