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Honore Lachaille: Think of lunch beneath the trees.
Gaston Lachaille: Stop the carriage, if you please.
Honore Lachaille: You mean you don't want to come?
Gaston Lachaille: The thought of lunch leaves me numb.
Honore Lachaille: But I implore....
Gaston Lachaille: Oh, no, Uncle! It's a bore.

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Carry on Sergeant picture

Captain Potts: Carry on Sergeant.

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The Tunnel of Love picture

August 'Augie' Poole: But dear, we can't keep living on your grandmother's money... it's not that I'm too honorable, but it's running out.

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No Time For Sergeants picture

Maj. Demming: I think that I would rather live in the rottenest pig sty in Tennessee or Alabama than the fanciest mansion in all of Georgia. How about that?
Will Stockdale: Well, sir... I think where you wanna live is your business.

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