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The Bridge on the River Kwai picture

Other mistake: In the scene in the office with Jack Hawkins and William Holden, where William Holden is arm twisted into going back to the bridge, the oscillating fan, which is on and oscillating, has no blades, plus there is no breeze in the office. You can see the complete motor, plus the drive spindle, where the fan blade should be attached. It dominates the scene, along with the two actors.

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The Enemy Below picture

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, at the same time the ship makes radar contact, the sub acquires a signal on its oscillator. The sub captain thinks it's a false echo due to the rough seas. He so advises the next man that comes on duty but tells him that if the signal appears to get any closer, "you will awaken me immediately." The captain isn't awakened until the "dive" alarm sounds after the men in the conning tower make visual contact with the ship. Wouldn't the oscillator signal closing in on the sub have warned them long before they made visual contact?

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