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Guys and Dolls picture

Big Jule: Well, I used to be bad when I was a kid, but ever since then I've gone straight, as has been proved by my record: Thirty-three arrests and no convictions.

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Marty picture

Marty Pilletti: Tommy, Tommy, just let me get a couple of minutes, will you? Because I promised Mr. Terry that I would let him know by tomorrow. You and Virginia can fight anytime.

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Oklahoma picture

Ado Annie Carnes: Sometimes there seems like times that men ain't got no need for women.
Dancer: There's sometimes women ain't got no need for men.
Ado Annie Carnes: Yeah, but who wants to be dead?

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The Seven Year Itch picture

The Girl: Do you have any kids?
Richard Sherman: No. None. No kids. Well, just one. Little one. Hardly counts.

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Rebel Without a Cause picture

Jim Stark: Get lost.
Ray Fremick: Hang loose, boy. I'm warning you.
Jim Stark: Wash up and go home.

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To Catch a Thief picture

Frances Stevens: John, why bother?
John Robie: It's sort of a hobby of mine - the truth.

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Lady and the Tramp picture

Boris: Ah, but remember, my friends. Even Tramp has his Achilles heel.
Pedro: Pardon me, amigo. What is this chili deal?
Boris: Achilles heel, Pedro. This is meaning his, uh, weaknesses.
Toughy: Oh! Oh, the dames. Yeah.
Bulldog in Pound: He has an eye for a well-turned paw, he has. Let's see, there's been Lulu.
Toughy: Yeah, and Trixie.
Dachsie: Und Fifi.
Pedro: And my sister, Rosita Chiquita Juanita Chihuahua. I think.

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Daddy Long Legs picture

Alicia Pritchard: Mr. Griggs, a person is not a corporation! A person is flesh and blood... and feelings .

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