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The Court Jester picture

Hawkins: I started to travel to try to unravel / my mind and to find a new chance / When I got to Spain it was suddenly plain / that the field that appealed was the dance. / The Spanish were clannish, but I wouldn't vanish / and learned every step they had planned. / The first step of all wasn't hard to recall / Cause the first step of all is to stand. And stand. And stand. And stand.

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Lady and the Tramp picture

Boris: Ah, but remember, my friends. Even Tramp has his Achilles heel.
Pedro: Pardon me, amigo. What is this chili deal?
Boris: Achilles heel, Pedro. This is meaning his, uh, weaknesses.
Toughy: Oh! Oh, the dames. Yeah.
Bulldog in Pound: He has an eye for a well-turned paw, he has. Let's see, there's been Lulu.
Toughy: Yeah, and Trixie.
Dachsie: Und Fifi.
Pedro: And my sister, Rosita Chiquita Juanita Chihuahua. I think.

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The Hole Idea picture

Calvin Q. Calculus: I invented the portable hole for the good of humanity. But let us all hope it will never be used for evil purposes.

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Rabbit Rampage picture

Bugs Bunny: Brother. What a Leonardo da Punchy. What a Too-Lousy Lautrec.

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