Best comedy movie continuity mistakes of 1952

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Singin' in the Rain picture

Continuity mistake: When Gene Kelly and Donald O'Conner stop for car trouble, a trolley goes by. After Gene gets bombarded by fans and runs away, he runs after another trolley going by and jumps on. The same people are in the trolley each time. (00:14:50)

Jack's Revenge

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The Quiet Man picture

Continuity mistake: During the extended fight scene, Will Danaher and Sean Thornton go crashing into a hay stack. As they emerge, they announce to the crowd that they are going to fight by the Marquis de Queensbury Rules. As they make the announcement, Sean Thornton's back is covered in hay. As he turns, the camera cuts to follow him, and there is instantly no hay on his back.

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Smitten Kitten picture

Continuity mistake: When the green devil recalls the time Tom serenaded another girl with his big bull fiddle, his whiskers disappear for a moment.

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Magical Maestro picture

Continuity mistake: When Poochini is rehearsing, Mysto the Magician knocks on the door of his dressing room. At this point, you can see that the handle is on the left hand side of the door, but when Poochini opens the door, he opens it from the right hand side.

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Rock-a-Bye Bear picture

Continuity mistake: When the little dog throws items from the cabinet down to Spike, Spike catches two trays of glasses, a yellow vase with his right foot and a pink teapot with his left foot. But when Spike goes out of the house after a pepper pot lands on his nose, the vase and teapot have changed positions.

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Son of Paleface picture

Continuity mistake: When Bob Hope is tied to the raised barber chair you can tell it is his stunt double in the far away shots because of the way his hair changes.

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Beep, Beep picture

Continuity mistake: When the Coyote is pursuing the Road Runner at the start of the cartoon, he is holding a fork in his left hand and a knife in his right. But when we see the Coyote a few seconds later, he is now holding the knife in his left and the fork in his right.

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Little Runaway picture

Continuity mistake: When Tom (dressed as a seal) performs "Yankee Doodle" on the horns at the circus at the end of the cartoon, the background behind him changes between shots.

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Fit to Be Tied picture

Continuity mistake: When Jerry is removing the nail from Spike's foot with a hammer, the distance of the wall behind Spike changes between shots.

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Pluto's Party picture

Continuity mistake: Before Mickey Mouse puts Pluto's birthday cake on the table you can see it is completely clear, but when Pluto is sitting down and the cake is in front of him, a saucer has suddenly appeared.

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Jack and the Beanstalk picture

Continuity mistake: When Jack is speaking to Princess Eloise near the water well, he turns his head to the right. In the following shot, his head is turned to the left.

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Hare Lift picture

Continuity mistake: When Sam confronts Bugs underneath the box with the cord, you can see that there is nothing above the words "Pull", but in the next shot the words "Bomb Release" suddenly appear.

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Feed the Kitty picture

Continuity mistake: When the kitten comes out of the can at the start, the can has "Salmon" written on it, but in the next shot that has disappeared.

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Limelight picture

Continuity mistake: The pictures on the wall of Calvero's apartment move around during the scenes, particularly the photos flanking the clock on the mantle above the fireplace. A particularly striking example is during the scene wherein Terry recovers the ability to walk. The scene starts off with a photographic-profile-portrait of Chaplin (not decked out as Calvero the Clown) on the left side of the clock and on the right side of the clock, a full-length photo of Calvero the Clown wearing a straw hat, and leaning on his cane, which is held in his left hand. As the scene progresses, the portrait to the left of the clock is replaced by a half-length photo of Calvero the Clown wearing a top hat, with his cane swung across his body, angled up. As Terry realizes she can walk, the portrait re-appears to the left of the clock, and there is nothing to the right of the clock.

Richard Lannom

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Continuity mistake: When the bandit takes Droopy's wallet, he empties the contents and finds a photo of Droopy's girl. At this point, you can see the bandit is holding the photo with two hands, but when we see a close-up of the photo in the next shot, he is holding it with only his right hand.

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