Best comedy movie mistakes of 1951

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man picture

Continuity mistake: At the detective agency, while Bud and Lou are talking to the murderer, the description of the murderer comes over the police radio, and it states "5 feet 11 inches, weighs 165, blue eyes, brown hair, last seen wearing a felt hat and dark borwn overcoat". Then 15 seconds later Bud says out loud, writing on a piece of paper the description "5 feet 10 inches, weight 165, blue eyes, sandy hair".

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Happy Go Lovely picture

Continuity mistake: During the final dance number, Vera-Ellen's skirt alternates repeatedly between long and flowing and short and tight - perhaps to facilitate some of the dance moves.

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The Man in the White Suit picture

Continuity mistake: When Hill disturbs Michael Corland at the table, he holds a piece of paper. The paper swaps hands between shots. (00:07:05)

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The Lavender Hill Mob picture

Continuity mistake: Early on in the film Alec Guinness is travelling in the back of a van transporting gold bars to the bank. He spots what he believes is a suspicious car following and asks the driver to stop to check it out. The next shot shows the van stopping outside a row of buildings in a London street. The driver gets out to let Alec Guinness out of the van and they are now parked by a low wall with an open vista (probably one of the many bomb sites in London at the time) and no buildings.The next shot then shows the van outside the buildings again.

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Canned Feud picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester is angry that the blade of the axe flies through the mail slot, he strikes the can of tuna with the grip and in doing so crushes the can. When we see Sylvester setting up a piano a little later on, the can is undamaged.

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Ballot Box Bunny picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny puts down the bottles and sees the ants running off with his picnic food, you can see there are five brown bottles in the tub, but after a quick cut to the ants running away, we return to Bugs and the bottles have disappeared.

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Drip-Along Daffy picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Nasty Canasta in the saloon, you can see that the hat he is wearing has a blue band around it. But when he drinks the drink that the bartender has made for him, the blue band is missing.

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Cold Turkey picture

Continuity mistake: Before Pluto and the cat begin their wrestling fight, you can see there is nothing in front of the wall in the background, but in the next shot a sideboard suddenly appears.

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Room and Bird picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester leaves his room to deliver the note under Tweety's room door, you can see there is nothing on the wall between the two doors, but when Tweety goes over to Sylvester's room, a green square has appeared.

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Symphony in Slang picture

Continuity mistake: When the young man says "What's cooking?" to St. Peter at the beginning of the short, St. Peter is holding a feather in his right hand. In the next shot, the feather has disappeared.

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Tweety's S.O.S. picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester is at the medicine cabinet, he takes out a bottle of Seasick Remedy and starts drinking it. But when we see Tweety in the cabinet in the next shot, the Seasick Remedy bottle is still on the shelf when it should be in Sylvester's hand.

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A Bear for Punishment picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Junyer Bear sleeping in bed at the start of the cartoon, you can see he has "Junyer" written on the end of his bed, but when he is sitting up a couple of shots later, the word "Junyer" has disappeared.

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French Rarebit picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs is making Francois look like a rabbit, he cuts up Francois' moustache to make whiskers. When Bugs says "You make a swell rabbit, Doc!" the whiskers disappear.

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Chow Hound picture

Continuity mistake: In the overheard view of the dog grooming the cat, you can see there is nothing beside them, but in the next shot a blue ribbon suddenly appears.

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Putty Tat Trouble picture

Continuity mistake: When Sylvester and the orange cat take Tweety Pie's nest, you can see the outside of the nest is covered in snow. But when the two cats reach the bottom of the pole, the snow has gone.

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Cock-a-Doodle Dog picture

Continuity mistake: When Spike grabs the bomb (painted as an apple) from the cockerel, he takes a bite out of it. You can see that when Spike is about to eat it, the eaten part of the bomb is facing his mouth, but in the next shot the eaten part is now facing downwards.

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