Best animated movie trivia of 1946

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Daffy Doodles picture

Trivia: When Porky is walking past the movie theatre, all of the film posters have moustaches drawn on them. You can see a poster of Warner Brothers star Bugs Bunny with a moustache at the ticket office.

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Springtime for Thomas picture

Trivia: When Jerry finds Butch in the alley, we hear Butch humming a song. The song he is humming is "Over the Rainbow" from the film "The Wizard of Oz."

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Northwest Hounded Police picture

Trivia: When the convict finds Droopy standing in the door frame after opening several doors, he lets out "Tom's Scream."

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Bacall to Arms picture

Trivia: At the start of the cartoon, we see animals changing seats in the theatre. This is re-used footage from a 1937 Warner Brothers cartoon, "She Was An Acrobat's Daughter."

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Hair-Raising Hare picture

Trivia: The "Evil Scientist" in this cartoon is a caricature of the actor Peter Lorre.

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Baseball Bugs picture

Trivia: When we see Bugs Bunny for the first time, behind him on the ballpark fence there is a picture of a man with a gun and a detective hat with the words "Mike Maltese, Ace Dick" written nearby. Michael Maltese was the writer for this cartoon.

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Racketeer Rabbit picture

Trivia: As the gangsters speed by in their red car, you can see a billboard along the road advertising "Hotel Friz" - a reference to the director Friz Freleng.

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Book Revue picture

Trivia: At the beginning of the cartoon, we see a long line of books at the book shop. The last book we see is entitled "Life and Times" by Bugs Bunny.

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The Great Piggy Bank Robbery picture

Trivia: When we see Daffy's silhouette in the door of Duck Twacy's office at the start of the dream sequence, the silhouette of Daffy briefly changes twice into Dick Tracy's silhouette.

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Solid Serenade picture

Trivia: When Tom woos the dog instead of the cat, he says the exact same dialogue he used in a previous Tom and Jerry cartoon, "Zoot Cat" (1944).

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