Best fantasy movie mistakes of 1945

Blithe Spirit picture

Character mistake: Near the end, Madame Arcati says she'll ride her bike home - "I'll pedal home in a jiffy; it's only seven miles' - but she didn't take her bike; she was driven back with Charles, and the two ghost wives in the back. No room for a bike.

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House of Dracula picture

Revealing mistake: In the cave scene, when Dr. Edelman and Talbot come upon Frankenstein's monster in the mud, there is a skeleton lying beside the monster, which Dr. Edelman identifies as probably Dr. Niemann. The prop is an obvious lab skeleton, as you can very clearly see the circumferential line around the skull cap. Also, if you look closely in several shots, you can make out the hook at the top of the skull where it would hang from a lab stand.


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