Best crime movie continuity mistakes of 1945

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Mildred Pierce picture

Continuity mistake: The dead body Wally discovers in the house has its head straight in the long shots, but canted to the right in the close ups.


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And Then There Were None picture

Continuity mistake: After the toast to Mr. Owen, the General retorts that hopefully all the possible toasts are done. Vera Claythorne puts down her glass, but in the next shot the whole arm is gone from above the table, she has her hands in her lap. (00:10:35)

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Dick Tracy picture

Continuity mistake: After the scene with Junior that busted him as the night kitchen raider, Dick is in his office. Pat Patton tells him about his findings going through the victim's belongings. He leans forward with his left arm, and Dick at the same time pulls his own arm back away from the desk. Next cut and Dick has both hands on the desk and Pat just his right arm on it. (00:12:35)

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