Best animated movie mistakes of 1941


Dumbo (1941)

Dumbo picture

Continuity mistake: When the elephants in the circus are making a pyramid on top of a ball, as it changes from shot to shot the colour of the blankets on their backs changes, and one of the elephants changes from grey to blue.

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Superman picture
Superman mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Perry White has the Mad Scientist’s letter straight on his desk, but then it turns it to a diagonal angle when he reads it to Lois and Clark. Lois says that she wants to crack the case on her own and the shot pans back to Perry as he thinks about it for a moment, and this shot shows the letter still diagonal on the desk. Then Lois shouts out "Thanks Chief" and dashes off before he can respond and the image cuts to a different angle. Now suddenly the letter is straight on his desk like it was before he turned it.


Quantom X
Truant Officer Donald picture

Continuity mistake: When Donald uses the jack to raise the hut onto his van, you can see the glass in the window is completely intact, but when he burrows under the hut a few shots later, the glass is now broken.

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Chef Donald picture

Continuity mistake: After Donald has put the two eggs into the bowl, you can that the bowl is full of waffle mixture, but when Donald pours the rubber cement into the bowl, the mixture has completely disappeared.

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Wabbit Twouble picture

Continuity mistake: When Bugs puts up a "Camp Here" sign near his hole, you can see there is nothing behind the sign, but in the next shot a tree has suddenly appeared.

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The Midnight Snack picture

Continuity mistake: When we first see the refrigerator at the beginning of the cartoon, you can on the shelf underneath the celery there is a yellow container. In the next shot, the container has changed into two cream filled rolls.

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The Night Before Christmas picture

Continuity mistake: When Jerry appears from the hair of the toy lion, you can see that behind him there is a decoration and some purple baubles. In the next shot, the decoration has disappeared and the baubles are now much closer to the lion.

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Porky's Pooch picture

Continuity mistake: When Sandy is watching the chef toss hot cakes at the American Grill at the start of the cartoon, you can see there is a jug and some dishes at the far end of the counter, but when the camera pans in on the chef, the jug and dishes are now much closer to him.

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