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Fantasia picture

Other mistake: In the intro to the Pastoral Symphony, the narrator identifies the deity who cloaks the world with Night to be Morpheus, who is the Greek god of sleep and dreams. However, the character in the animation is fairly obviously female, with long hair, eye shadow, and lipstick. My theory is that the character was intended by the art team to be Nyx, the Greek goddess of Night. Night would be a more likely candidate to be making it nighttime across the world, while Morpheus would be more likely to put people to sleep or send them dreams.

Roger Cline

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Suggested correction: Without further evidence/proof, this theory remains just that. A theory.


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Pinocchio picture Pinocchio mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Pinocchio is locked up in the cage of Stromboli, Jiminy goes inside the cage lock, and he hangs his coat and hat on the outside of the lock. In the next shot, they have disappeared.

Hamster Premium member

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Elmer's Candid Camera picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Elmer Fudd reading his book at the start of the cartoon, you can see there is a lamp behind him, but when the camera pans in on Elmer in the next shot, the lamp is nowhere to be seen.

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A Wild Hare picture

Continuity mistake: When Elmer is holding the skunk in his hand, there is nothing by him. But when he puts the skunk down, his gun appears from nowhere.

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Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip picture Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mickey hides Pluto in his suitcase, the entire handle to the suitcase breaks off and Mickey tosses away the handle. This handle reappears unbroken when Mickey takes Pluto out of the suitcase and then quickly hides him again, though it's broken again in following shots. Then at the end, when Pete tosses both suitcases off the train Mickey's suitcase has the broken handle, but when it lands on Mickey and Pluto the handle reappears unscathed once again.

Super Grover Premium member

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Puss Gets the Boot picture

Continuity mistake: After the mouse is revived by water from Jasper, he goes up to the cat and you can see that the mouse's left hand is under Jasper's mouth, but in the next shot his hand is now near the whisker area.

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The Bear's Tale picture

Continuity mistake: When Papa Bear is drinking from the hot water tap after eating the hot porridge, the tap handle changes position between shots.

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Donald's Vacation picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the cartoon, you can see the front of Donald Duck's kayak has nothing on it. But after he is soaked by a waterfall, a lever appears out of nowhere. The lever disappears in the next shot, but when he arrives at the campsite, it is back again.

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You Ought to Be in Pictures picture

Continuity mistake: When Porky is searching for his contract in the waste-paper basket in Leon Schlesinger's office, he leaves some paper on the floor. But when Leon tells him to go back to work, we cut to Porky and the paper has gone.

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