Best animated movie mistakes of 1935

On Ice picture

Continuity mistake: When Goofy is trying to get the fish out of the water with some tobacco and a pen-knife, you can see that the tobacco has nothing written on the side of it, but in the next shot a star and the word "tobacco" have appeared.

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The Band Concert picture

Continuity mistake: When we see Donald Duck tied up in the tree after it was struck by the tornado, the position of Donald's hands changes between shots.

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Mickey's Fire Brigade picture

Continuity mistake: When Mickey Mouse's fire engine arrives at the scene of the fire, you can see there is nothing attached on the bell on the engine, but when we see the bell in the next shot, it has now has a small pulley on it.

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I Haven't Got a Hat picture

Continuity mistake: Before Little Kitty attempts to recite "Mary Had a Little Lamb", you can see there is writing on the blackboard behind her. When she makes her exit, the writing has disappeared, and when Ham and Ex appear, the writing is back again.

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