Best comedy movie mistakes of 1931

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City Lights picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when the blind flower girl (Virginia Cherrill),sees her tramp benefactor for the first time Chaplin's hand jumps back and forth away from his mouth in sucessive shots.

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Pardon Us picture

Continuity mistake: When Stan and Oliver approach a group of singing prisoners in the prison yard, Stan's outer shirt is buttoned, but Oliver's is not. In the next shot, we see a close-up of Stan and Oliver and Oliver's shirt now has a button fastened.

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Come Clean picture

Continuity mistake: When Stan and Oliver are speaking to the ice-cream salesman, the amount on the till reads "05", but after Oliver has given him the money to pay for the ice-cream, the amount is now "10."

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Beau Hunks picture

Continuity mistake: When Stan pulls the door into Oliver's face, Oliver falls backwards and the spring on his back sends him skywards and onto the piano. When Oliver falls onto the piano, you can see that there is nothing on his stomach, but a few seconds later he is covered with piano hammers and other parts from the interior of a real piano.

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