Best book mistakes of all time

Factual error: In the book Teabing is a die hard British patriot, yet he refers to the sport of soccer. NO Englishman would use the word soccer for the game of football. [People keep trying to correct this - you've really got to accept it. It's nothing to do with Teabing being older - soccer may have been used in the very early days of the game, but the governing body of the sport in the UK is the Football Association, formed in 1863, demonstrating how that was the accepted word for the sport even then (otherwise it would be the Soccer Association). Likewise the international governing body, FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), formed in 1904 - no mention of the word soccer there either. And it won't be him changing it for Langdon's benefit, considering a) Langdon's intelligent enough to know what he means, and b) he's so determinedly English about everything else. This site is run by a Brit, and it's not getting changed. :-)]

Continuity mistake: During Priori Incantatem, Voldemort's victims come out in reverse order. However, James comes out before Lily. He should come out last, because he was killed before Lily. (Corrected in later versions of the book).

Continuity mistake: Before Harry and Hermione go back in time, it mentions that Buckbeak is tied to a tree. But when they go back in time, Buckbeak is tied to a fence.


Continuity mistake: How can Ron and Lavender be in a 'prominent corner' of the Common Room when in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, it says it is a circular room?

Continuity mistake: Harry buys the book "One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi", but later, the title changes to "One Hundred Magical Herbs and Fungi".



Continuity mistake: Eddie's broken arm changes around, sometimes it's the left arm that's broken, sometimes it's the right.

Factual error: When Arnie and Leigh gives the hitchhiker a ride, on page 265 (Chapter 34), it says that the hitchhiker opened Christine's rear door. But Plymouth Furies of that era had only two doors.

Continuity mistake: Dumbledore tells Harry at the end that Lord Voldemort is the last remaining ancestor of Salazar Slytherin. But ancestors are in the past - he means Voldemort is the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin. Not a mistake Dumbledore would have made. (Corrected in later printings.)

Continuity mistake: The pickup truck with the painting of the Gypsy woman and the unicorn in Chapter 6 changes into a VW microbus in Chapter 18.

Plot hole: The main reason the antimatter bomb was not found, according to the book, is because it is small enough to be hidden anywhere. However, there was a wireless camera watching the bomb all the time. The wireless camera, just like any wireless device, is basically a radio transmitter and receiver, so all they would need is a device displaying the signal strength coming from the camera (having no such device, the CERN could probably borrow some). Where the signal is the strongest, there is the bomb. It is improbable that there wasn't a single person understanding how wireless devices work.

Plot hole: Spiro's vault can only be opened by Spiro himself, but the guards change every hour and Spiro doesn't go to the vault every hour of his life to let the guards in, so how do they get in?

Plot hole: When Julius is going after Pompey to Asia Minor and he reaches the harbor in Greece he tries to talk to the sailors but they don't speak Latin. So he asks Adán to translate for him, but he is unable to since he hasn't learned Greek yet. But Julius is fluent in Greek himself, he was taught as a boy and uses the language on several occasions throughout the series, including in this book. Why couldn't he just talk to the sailors in Greek himself?

Factual error: Petra is reading some details about the size of a murder weapon used to commit 6 similar murders. The diameter of the weapon is estimated at 77 centimeters. It says according to Petra's ruler, 77 centimeters is 3 inches. This should be 77 millimeters as 77 centimeters is about 30 inches.

Continuity mistake: In Part 3, Chapter 33, two news reporters come to see Annie and interview her about the missing policeman. She walks out with a shotgun full of "double-ought buck", fires a warning shot, and then when she re-enters the house she magically has a rifle, not a shotgun.

Continuity mistake: At the start of Part 6, the men let Percy out of the closet. They take the tape off his mouth and he starts to rub his lips, then lowers his hand to speak. Problem is he's still in the straight-jacket at this point.


Factual error: In Chapter 5, Koontz explains how Grandma Rowena started smacking her lips while eating, at the age of 75. He then says this same event happened "halfway between her seventh and eighth decades". But at 75, she is actually halfway between her eighth and ninth decades (or, if you prefer, halfway through her eighth decade) - much like the 1700s are the 18th century, not the 17th.

Continuity mistake: The Longsword Fighter that landed in Ascendant Justice's hangar bay is repeatedly referred to as a Pelican on pages 75, 93, 95 and more.

Continuity mistake: In chapter 18 Scudder visits Dr. Nadler at his Manhattan office but in chapter 32 we hear that Nadler was in Martha's Vineyard at the time.

Continuity mistake: In Chapter 19, Wade describes the small efficiency apartment he has moved into, which used to be an average hotel room. He says at one point that the room "was basically a cube, about ten meters long on each side." A ten-meter cube is actually a really big room - that's over 32 feet on each side, including ceiling height. Then, just to confirm that this is indeed a mistake, later in the same chapter he refers to "my tiny one-room apartment."




Continuity mistake: When Clay and Tom are threatening to break into the hotel, Tom says "I'm going to grab a kerbstone and smash the glass", but Clay says "A curbstone?" Since they both say it, there should be no spelling error.

Continuity mistake: This is from the American hardcover copy, near the end of the book. On page 283, Opal says "Whoever is passing wind, please stop it, or I will devise a fitting punishment." Then on page 297 (it is the same time, but from Mulch's point of view instead of Opal's) Opal says "NOW, whoever is passing wind, please stop it, or I will devise a fitting punishment." Since it is the same time on both pages, she should say exactly the same thing.

Other mistake: Near the beginning of the book, an imp says 'Are you going to warp today, Runt, or will pink flowers grow out of my armpits?' But later on in the book No. 1 says 'Pink! We don't have a word for that colour in the demon commonspeak'.

Continuity mistake: In the chapter entitled Smooth Criminal, Reed is asked by the Billing's Girls to steal a physics test and that she has 15 minutes to do it. Early in the chapter she states that after glancing at her watch she had already wasted 4 minutes but at the end of the chapter she states that she wished she'd had time to put on a watch as she had no idea how much time was elapsing.

Continuity mistake: In Chapter 4, Garraty thinks about Jan and her long, dark hair. Later, in Chapter 6, he once again thinks of her, this time with her long, blonde hair.


Continuity mistake: When Aladdin is battling Jafar, he is shown holding a sword. On the first page of this, the part of the hand guard on the sword that is on the sharp side of the sword is curled up and the back side is curled down. But the next page with the sword shows this reversed.

Quantom X

Continuity mistake: Diana Foxton's hair goes from blonde to brunette and back again over a couple of pages.

Plot hole: When Lowrie first shows Meg his wish list, she says that they would have to travel the length and breadth of Ireland to complete them. However, she doesn't know what two of them mean so how does she know that they're going to travel that far.

Jack Kaltenbach

Continuity mistake: When Mulch helps Holly and Artemis from the trunk of the car, when they've gone back in time, it says that he burps. Yet in the first book it says that all dwarf wind is passed down, so Mulch is incapable of burping.

Continuity mistake: In Chapter 4 page 24, it says Conner's last name is Griffith, with a TH, but in the last page, page 212, the Pop Quiz says his name is Conner Griffin, with an N.

Continuity mistake: Near to the end of the novel, Ward and Jack are staying at a hotel in Tampa Bay, and Wade is described as sitting in the "corner next to the telephone" in their room; yet on the very next page, in the next scene, Jack has to call their father from the telephone in the hotel lobby as there were "none in the room".