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The Fugitive

The Fugitive (1963)

2 mistakes in Last Second of a Big Dream

Starring: Barry Morse, David Janssen, William Conrad

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Last Second of a Big Dream - S2-E30

Continuity mistake: Kimble is locked in a tiger cage with a waffle-pattern wire mesh. But when he asks the major for help and the shot cuts to a close-up, Kimble is behind ordinary vertical bars, and the mesh has disappeared.

Jean G

Last Second of a Big Dream - S2-E30

Continuity mistake: The tiger claw scars on the major's face disappear, reappear, and change configuration throughout the episode.

Jean G
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This was the first US TV series ever to resolve its story line and air a definitive ending, despite network objections that doing so could harm its syndication revenue. The 2-hour finale, "The Judgment," garnered the highest TV ratings ever up to that time, a record it held for many years afterward.


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