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7th Heaven

7th Heaven (1996)

10 mistakes

Starring: Catherine Hicks, Jessica Biel

Genres: Drama, Family

Smoking - S7-E14

Continuity mistake: Right at the beginning of this episode Kevin and the twins are making sandwiches. Lucy comes into the kitchen and kisses Kevin, then David asks where their (his and Sam's) kisses are. As this scene goes on, the shots ranging from views of all four to focal shots, David's sandwich is finished and on the (viewer's) left side of his plate, then unfinished, topped with lettuce instead of bread and on the right side of the plate. It goes back and forth between these two sandwiches. Also, at about 00:05:04 as Kevin and Lucy walk away, Sam's sandwich suddenly loses its top piece of bread.

Show generally

Factual error: In the episode entitled 'Paper or Plastic' where Lucy gives birth, she gives birth in the elevator and when the doors open she is standing there holding her daughter. I can excuse the standing minutes after giving birth, but she is still fully clothed. The paramedics would have removed her skirt and underclothes so as not to ruin them (giving birth is messy) and they would not have redressed her. She is then shown laying on the gurney fully clothed, no blanket covering her.

Life Is Too Beautiful - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: When Simon goes into Ruthie's room to talk with her, she is colouring in a Hello Kitty colouring book. As the camera switches between her and Simon, the picture she was colouring is alternately finished, then not finished, then partially coloured over the series of the entire scene.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In Episode 10-20 "Secrets" When Ruthie and Annie are talking at the twins' table Ruthie pours Annie a glass of milk. When the camera changes angles the glass is empty and she begins pouring the glass of milk again.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the episode titled "And Baby makes Three" After giving birth Sandy is laying in the bed talking to Martin holding the baby. Her hands alternate between shots of cradling the real baby on face shots to lying in her lap, while a "doll" lies in her arms in the shots over her shoulder.

Gratitude - S9-E10

Continuity mistake: While Ruthie is talking to Martin on the phone her jelly bracelets on her arm change from being separated hanging down her arm to together right on her wrist.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the Valentines Day episode when the whole family is waiting to be seated for dinner, they show a shot of Kevin holding baby Savannah, she is asleep against his shoulder. They switch to a shot of Simon and Rose saying hello and switch right back to Kevin and baby Savannah, who is now wide awake sitting up in his arms.

Show generally

Revealing mistake: Throughout the entire series there is one staircase upstairs and two downstairs. And, they more than likely are not the same staircase because the two downstairs are on opposite ends of the house.

Show generally

Factual error: In the episode entitled PAPER OR PLASTIC where Lucy gives birth, she is stuck in the lift in labour. Lucy is lying on a full size mattress. The paramedics could not possibly have passed something that large down the liftshaft and into the relatively small hole in the roof of the lift.

Fathers - S9-E6

Continuity mistake: in the beginning of the show when Eric is playing Candyland with Sam and David, the doorbell rings and both Sam and David move their gingerbread men to the finish, one of them is laying on it's side. When the camera pans away to a close up of Eric. When it moves back to a wide shot both gingerbread men are standing up.

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