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Stargate: Atlantis

Trivia: The show's two hour premier broke the SCI-FI's ratings record by attracting over 4.2 million viewers. It was also the most watched cable program that day.

Trivia: In the final episode, 'Enemy at the gates' Sam Carter says that the new ship is to be named the General George Hammond in memory of the character Hammond who had died of a heart attack. This is a tribute to Don S. Davies, who played Hammond, who sadly died of a heart attack in June 2008, shortly after filming Stargate Continium.

Jeff Walker

Irresistible - S3-E3

Trivia: Richard Kind who plays Lucius Lavin in this episode also appears as Gary Meyers in the original Stargate movie.

Jeff Walker

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When they first arrive on Teyla's planet, the DHD is close to the gate. When the wraith attack, the DHD is much further from the gate.


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