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Xena: Warrior Princess

Chariots of War - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: Xena leaves Darius' house, where she forgets her chakram. Then there's a shot of her riding Argo, with the chakram attached to her hip. Later Darius shows up to bring the 'missing' chakram to her.

The Greater Good - S1-E21

Revealing mistake: When Xena 'dies', her pulse is checked, and they can't find one, yet you can see her pulse in her neck.

Adventures in the Sin Trade (2) - S4-E2

Revealing mistake: When Xena and the other Amazons see the remains of the Amazons Xena killed, look carefully in the wide shot. The skeleton in the foreground {lower right side of the screen) has his middle finger up.

The Ides of March - S4-E21

Plot hole: Xena is posing as a guard outside of Caesar's office. She knocks out the 2nd guard and throws him on the ground. Moments later, about 10 guards walk by, but no one notices the passed-out guard on the floor.

The Debt (2) - S3-E7

Other mistake: At the end when it shows that Xena did kill the "green dragon", you can see his eyes move when the camera pans around his face to show the hair clip in his temple.

Blind Faith - S2-E18

Continuity mistake: When Xena ties Palaemon to the board, the close ups show the rope going through his palms, and around his wrist. When he stands up, the rope is tied near his elbows.

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts - S1-E12

Revealing mistake: At the end when Xena is fighting Deiphobus, he pushes her up against a large rock, every time she hits the rock it moves, as if it were foam.

The Path Not Taken - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the young woman is going to commit suicide, Xena shows her a necklace. In the wide shot Xena is showing the wood part. In the close up you see the emblem.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - S2-E4

Visible crew/equipment: When Gabrielle is entering the festival, after the camera is done showing all the dancers and returns to her, look at the right side of the screen by the entrance. There is a propane tank visible.

If The Shoe Fits... - S4-E12

Continuity mistake: When Gabby is looking for cooking utensils while Xena is sitting there playing with the leaf, Gabby's hair is markably different than in the rest of the episode. It appears as if she's wearing a wig, her hair is redder, and much puffier. Most of the time she has her back to the camera, but when she turns around, it's very obvious that she's wearing a wig. This may have been an insert shot done later, as Renee O'Conner did cut her hair for an episode done just a few weeks later.

A Comedy of Eros - S2-E22

Audio problem: When Xena says "It seems so haphazard" the word haphazard is said with her Kiwi accent.

A Comedy of Eros - S2-E22

Continuity mistake: There is a shot on the ground of all of Xena and Draco's body armor that they've taken off while arm wrestling. Soon after, Xena gives Draco a rub down, and her arm bands are back on.

A Good Day - S4-E5

Revealing mistake: Xena cuts the throat of a Roman Warrior during battle, there is a red line on his neck prior to the cut, and the knife makes no mark on his neck.

Death Mask - S1-E23

Continuity mistake: When Xena and Toris are in the dungeon and the guards come in, Xena's boots change for a moment, then change back.

The Greater Good - S1-E21

Revealing mistake: When Gabrielle is hitting her staff against the tree and screaming, if you look carefully for the last hit, the staff is bent. Most of their props were rubber with a metal rod inside them. The actress bent the metal rod because she was hitting so hard.

To Helicon and Back - S6-E15

Revealing mistake: There is an Amazon ritual being performed where the character has to be cut on the arm, but you can see the blood on the knife before the blade touches her arm.

If The Shoe Fits... - S4-E12

Revealing mistake: When Alesia is hanging off the cliff, the long shots are obvious doubles. Alesia is a 7 year old girl, and the double is an adult, the legs are much much longer.

A Comedy of Eros - S2-E22

Revealing mistake: Just as Cupid's son flies up to get an arrow, you can see the wire holding him up to make him fly. Only visible in the quick shot of the child over the bed.

Show generally

Factual error: Aphroditie's son and Psyche's husband is Eros not Cupid. Venus's son is Cupid. (Eros is Greek and Cupid is Roman).

Xena: Warrior Princess mistake picture

Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts - S1-E12

Visible crew/equipment: As the people of Troy are about to be attacked by the warriors in the horse, the camera pans up to the side of the wall where Deiphobus is talking with another soldier. You can see a crew member crouching down behind them wearing a white and grey shirt.


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