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King of the Hill

Happy Hank's Giving - S4-E7

Continuity mistake: Luanne in one scene tells Hank a man asked if she would like to join the mile high club and when she tells him she is facing Hank. In the next shot she is standing in the same position but has turned around and is facing away. There was not enough time for her to move between shots.

Old Glory - S4-E11

Continuity mistake: As Peggy comes to see Bobby about how his essay is going, there is a pad and pen next to him on the bed. The next shot Peggy sits down next to him which was where the pad and pen were on the bed. She then reaches for the pad and pen from behind Bobby. She never makes any movement before or after she sits down so there is no way she put the items would go to being behind Bobby.

Hillennium - S4-E10

Continuity mistake: Before Peggy reads Luanne and Bobby her musing about "Noel", Bobby is to her right and the shot shows them all from behind. The next shot he is to the left of Peggy and right next to Luanne, despite Luanne having Peggy and Bobby between her at the start of the scene.

Rodeo Days - S4-E12

Deliberate mistake: When Bobby is trying out for the cattle roping at the rodeo, he gets the rope tightly around the calf's neck. As the calf starts to drag Bobby you can see the rope is now very loose around its neck. A little later when the clowns are chasing each other the rope is back tightly around the calf's neck. May be deliberate as it may look like the calf would have been choked with the rope being so tight around its neck.

Cotton's Plot - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: After Peggy has fallen out of her wheelchair she had her bag on the back of her wheelchair. When Cotton is taunting her and pushes the chair near her, the bag has disappeared.

Escape from Party Island - S3-E17

Other mistake: Whilst Bobby is sitting on the bench at the baseball game you can see his shirt is yellow. When Bill is having his little temper tantrum, a shot of the field shows the pitcher is wearing a green shirt. Some of the other players were wearing blue. I doubt there were more than 2 teams or more than two different uniforms.

Peggy Hill: the Decline and Fall (2) - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: In one scene Hank is helping Peggy scratch one of her arms that is in a cast with some normal straws joined together. At first he is holding the last and first straws and there is only a few straws. The next shot he is holding the straws with one hand about halfway down (2-3 straws down) and there are more straws then there was before. After this shot the straws revert back to how it looked originally.

Joust like a Woman - S6-E9

Deliberate mistake: After Peggy has knocked King Philip off his horse at the end you can the sun is setting behind her, when it goes to a reaction shot of Bobby and Luann in the stands, it is a blue sky and sunny behind them. The following shot of Peggy it goes back to the sun setting. The mistake could be said to be deliberate as the shot was used earlier in the scene and probably used again to save time and money than re-animating the exact same shot.

King of the Hill mistake picture

De-Kahnstructing Henry - S3-E13

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Hank is mowing his and Minh's (Khan's wife) lawn he mows straight across from Minh's lawn to his own lawn. This would be impossible as in every episode including this episode (before and after this scene) there is a fence separating his house and Khan's house. It was likely removed to simplify Hank's going back and forth between the two ladies as they try to gain his affection with food and beer.

King of the Hill mistake picture

De-Kahnstructing Henry - S3-E13

Continuity mistake: As Kahn is putting the golf club away after Hank has just used it there is a groove in the locker to support the club. Kahn seems to place the club horizontally in the locker no where near the groove and to the left of it. The next shot its now sitting in the groove vertically.

Show generally

Plot hole: In the episode "Bill's House", Bobby teaches Peggy to ride a bike, but previous episodes show Peggy riding a bicycle, and once she rides across the entire town.

Nancy's Boys - S4-E21

Continuity mistake: When Dale knocks John Redcorn the shape of the lamp he's holding changes between shots. The shape you can see changes between the shot of Dale knocking him out and the next shot that shows a wide shot of the people in the room. The other mistake in the shot is when Dale drops the remaining part of the lamp. Despite dropping it from about chest height the remaining part doesn't break when it's dropped.

Luanne Virgin 2.0 - S5-E14

Continuity mistake: When Bobby is trying to convince Hank's friends to join the abstinence club, and when he asks Boomhauer he just stays silent. Bill then signs up and gets one of the cards Bobby has. As Hank starts to talk it goes to a close up of him but in the next shot Boomhauer is looking at one of the cards. Bill still had his card so where did Boomhauer get one of those cards?

Hank's Unmentionable Problem - S1-E6

Factual error: Hank is extremely constipated, but has a colonoscopy. He would not have been able to have a colonoscopy while extremely constipated, having not had a bowel movement in many days.

Trans-Fascism - S12-E11

Continuity mistake: Hank, Bobby and Peggy are eating at Sugarfoots. On their table, there is a mayo container. Peggy starts talking, and then it shows a close-up of Hank. Then there is a shot of the table again. This time, there is a mustard bottle in the same position and shape as the mayo. The mayo is gone.

Pigmalion - S7-E9

Continuity mistake: The door to the slaughterhouse (which Luanne blocks with the barrel) changes configurations between shots. When Trip is trying to get in, the exterior is blue with a doorknob. After Peggy busts in, it is white with a pushbar across the middle. The interior is white with a pushbar in all shots.

Meet the Manger Babies - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: While Hank and his friends are watching the game, right before Bill says, "Yes! Made it to the commercials!" he wipes his hands on the couch and leaves a mess on it, but when he is imitating the football player's touchdown dance, you can see that the mess is gone.

Maid in Arlen - S7-E22

Continuity mistake: At the end when Laoma is crying and hugging Bill, the tears on her face are on her cheeks. As she asks, "Wait, Astronaut who?" the tears are now just found near her eyes. As Bill explains, she has her hands on his shoulders. She then turns and the tears are not even in her eyes now.

The Son That Got Away - S2-E8

Continuity mistake: Connie was shown wearing blue/green sneakers when the kids entered the cave but when they wanted to leave she had her flip-flops on, and then the sneakers again for the rest of the show.

Husky Bobby - S2-E6

Continuity mistake: Backstage at the fashion show, Andie uses his bag to knock Bobby's bag off of the makeup counter. When Andie sits down and tells Bobby to go get him a brownie, both bags have disappeared.

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During Hanks's conversation with Bobby when he tells him that he will have to marry Luanne, look at the shelf behind Bobby. There is a Bart Simpson doll there. A few years before this was featured the Hill family was in the crowd at one of the pee wee football games in the Simpsons episode "Bart Star".