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Doctor Who

Season 20 generally

Plot hole: In "The Five Doctors" Susan tells Turloch that she can pilot the TARDIS to some extent. During series 1 and 2, it was clear that she couldn't pilot it at all. She couldn't have been taught between episodes as The Doctor had little idea himself.


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The Doctor: You can't rule the world in hiding. You've got to come out on the balcony sometimes and wave a tentacle or two.



Sylvester McCoy was given a new costume for Season Twenty-Six, with a darker jacket, hatband, tie and handkerchief to reflect the gradual development of the Seventh Doctor's personality, and to show that The Doctor himself was getting 'darker' and more serious. To surprise viewers with the revised outfit, it was decided the Doctor would begin the season 26 wearing a duffel coat over his regular clothes, the belief at this time being that The Curse Of Fenric would be the 'lead story' for season 26. Later however, it was pushed back to third in transmission order, meaning that the effect went for nought, as the costume had already been seen in the first two serials.


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