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8th May 2013

Sphere (1998)

Continuity mistake: When the survivors are surfacing in the minisub near the end, the sub is overtaken by a shockwave and lots of huge bubbles. A few seconds later the sub surfaces in perfectly calm, clear water.


7th May 2013

Congo (1995)

Other mistake: When in the jungle, Elliot says to Amy "Let's turn your volume down" and makes an adjustment to Amy's backpack voice synthesizer. A few seconds later Amy "speaks" at exactly the same volume as before.


Revealing mistake: When Liz, Abe and the Agent are shooting at the Tooth Fairies, the Agent is holding his gun in his right hand, and you can see the fingers of his left hand holding on to the top of the gun's slide while he is firing, showing that it's a prop gun and the slide isn't moving.


Other mistake: When Logan is talking to the old man in the barn, in the "This was my son's jacket, try it on" scene, he is sitting on the motorbike, and when he gets up, the bike doesn't move up on its suspension. A few seconds later, when he sits back down on the bike, the suspension sinks a lot due to the weight of his adamantium skeleton.


1st Jun 2011

X-Men 3 (2006)

Continuity mistake: When Warren dives out of the skyscraper window after refusing the cure, in the shot from his POV, as he starts to fall, you can see lots of broken glass falling with him. When it cuts to the exterior shot of him falling, there is no falling glass.