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Reformed Dispatcher

7th May 2011

Top Gun (1986)

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the airport after Maverick quits, Charlie tells him, "you've got that maneuver down real well," and it cuts to a close-up of Maverick. Movement is seen in the shiny wall behind him, which is a reflection of Charlie standing up. It cuts to a wide shot of both of them seated. Then she stands up to say, "So long, Pete Mitchell."

4th Jan 2006

Point Break (1991)

Question: The final showdown between Utah and Bodhi was shot at Bells Beach, but was the wave footage also shot there? I'm especially interested in the closeups. Waves of that size and strength are not commonplace, and no surfer (save Eddie Aikau) would even attempt to tackle such a monster set.

Answer: No part of the film was shot anywhere near Bells Beach. It is not even Australia.

29th Dec 2005

Point Break (1991)

Factual error: There is no way Utah could have gotten information about Tyler's parents' death, let alone the city and year, from the computer he was using at the FBI office. He would have had to run a separate search for that information using other sources. That type of personal information is not contained in any crime information database.

13th Dec 2005

Medium (2005)

The Reckoning - S2-E10

Revealing mistake: When Allison is "seeing" the Massey house going up in flames, James flinches when the painting falls off the wall behind him, even though it is only supposed to be happening in Allison's vision.

Continuity mistake: When Les' dad pours the champagne, the glass is full of foam, but when the camera angle changes, the foam has suddenly completely disappeared between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Les pushes the Cadillac out of the driveway, you can see the Audi in the corner of the screen, but earlier, his sister had already taken it for the night.

17th Oct 2005

License to Drive (1988)

Continuity mistake: When Les' DMV examiner talks about his coffee being hot and filled "right to the brim" the amount in the cup increases between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the scene with Edie and the shotgun, there is a shot of Jack eating cereal. He pauses in amazement, with the spoon halfway to his mouth, then it cuts away and when it cuts back to him, he is still frozen in shock, but there is a bigger mound of cereal on the spoon.

28th Sep 2005

Flightplan (2005)

Trivia: The role of Kyle was originally written for a male character, but when Jodie Foster expressed interest, the filmmakers felt she was strong enough to carry the part and cast her instead.

26th Sep 2005

Crash (2004)

Question: If Det. Graham had already identified his brother's body at the crime scene, why would it have been necessary for his mother to have to do so at the morgue, especially since it was very traumatic for her?

Answer: Since he was directly involved with the investigation, to identify the body would have been a conflict of interest. Therefore he had to notify the next of kin beyond himself.

23rd Sep 2005

Crash (2004)

Revealing mistake: When Daniel (the locksmith) goes home, the lamp next to his daughter's bed is on. After he finally tucks her in, he puts his finger on the light switch on the wall, but it is already in the "off" position. He doesn't flip the switch in either direction, but you hear an audible click, and the lights go out as if the lamp was controlled by the switch.

14th Sep 2005

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

Continuity mistake: When Paul is talking to George after giving him the Cohiba cigar, at one point, he puts his hand to his face as the camera is facing him. When the shot cuts to George, Paul's hand is down, then immediately back up to his face when the shot cuts back to him.

Other mistake: The opening scene shows a soldier lighting his cigarette from a lantern. Not only does the cigarette not touch the flame, no smoke is seen as the soldier puffs on it.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Charlie is shining Willy's shoes near the end, you can see the reflection of a crewman in Willy's glasses when he glances to his right.

9th Mar 2005

ER (1994)

Trivia: It is finally revealed (11-14: Just As I Am) that Dr. Weaver uses the crutch because of congenital hip dysplasia.

8th Mar 2005

Biker Boyz (2003)

Continuity mistake: When Kid's mom brings over the backpack with the video games in it, he tries to give her money. She puts her hand in his and tells him to keep it. Suddenly, there is wide shot where they are standing farther apart with their hands at their sides. Then back to the close-up, which is the same as before and her hand is still in his.

Continuity mistake: Pitts jumps off Keating's desk twice, which would not have been necessary.

Factual error: Keating misquotes Whitman's "Song of Myself". The word "rooftops" should have been "roofs". An English Lit teacher of his caliber would not have made this mistake. This is a deliberate mistake on the part of the filmmakers.

26th Feb 2005

The Goonies (1985)

Audio problem: When they are standing in Mikey's kitchen looking at the map, all you can see is their eyes above the top of the map. Right before it cuts away to the Cyndi Lauper video, the map moves down just enough to see Chunk saying something, but there is no accompanying audio.

2nd Feb 2005

Luther (2003)

Audio problem: During the wild boar hunt, they are interrupted by Aleander who says, "Prince Frederick of Saxony. He refuses to surrender Luther to you, Your Holiness," but nothing matches his lip movements. He utters a couple of syllables, at most, out of sync with the two full sentences heard in the movie. (English DVD version).

Continuity mistake: During the whole chandelier scene, it is blatantly dark outside (nighttime). It cuts to Gavin and Susan carrying the ladder in bright daylight, then back to the inside of the house where it is dark again.

Continuity mistake: After Oliver extinguishes the tree fire, Barbara moves to walk past him, and the smoke is hovering just below knee level. The next shot changes to a rear view of her, and there is no smoke in the air at all.

Question: When Charlie goes into the candy shop and gets a Scrumdiddlyumptious bar, he gobbles it down and the man warns him he'll get a stomach ache. The fifth golden ticket had been found (or so Charlie thinks at this point), so he can't be digging for it. I've never understood: what was the point in eating it so fast?

Answer: In the original book, Charlie has an obsession with chocolate that he only satiates once a year on his birthday. Also, at this point in the book, the Bucket family is going through an extremely hard time and Charlie has had less food than he usually would have, so he is EXTREMELY hungry.

18th Oct 2004

Circle of Friends (1995)

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Jack returns to Benny in her shop, she wears her hair in a ponytail. In the shots of him talking, her hair covers the top part of her ear, but in the shots of her, it is behind her ear completely.

5th Oct 2004

Clue (1985)

Revealing mistake: A visible editing flaw occurs near the beginning, after they return from the Billiard Room with Yvette. While Mrs. White is saying her line to Wadsworth, "I think you had better explain," she starts to unbutton her overcoat. Next is a wide shot of the room that is supposed to be in real time, but Mrs. White's overcoat has already been removed, and she is getting ready to lay it on a chair. Everyone is paused on their marks as if the film was spliced at the exact moment the director yelled, "Action" and no one had moved yet.

Trivia: Stellan Skarsgard, at age 53 when filming this movie, is nearly a decade older than Max von Sydow was at the time of filming the original movie (age 44), but is playing a younger version of the character.

30th Aug 2004

Clue (1985)

Continuity mistake: When the Armageddon guy comes to the door, Mrs. Peacock slams the door in his face, and the flier he was holding flutters out of his hand and lands on the floor. In the next shot, the flier disappears.

30th Aug 2004

Clue (1985)

Audio problem: In the third ending, when Wadsworth reveals his true identity, Professor Plum says, "Oh shucks." This sounds like it's been dubbed, and when watching his lips, he actually says something that starts with 'sh', but doesn't end with 'ucks'.

30th Aug 2004

License to Drive (1988)

Revealing mistake: When Les' mom is doing the laundry and "finds" the Test Failed notice, you can see that she actually had it in her hands the entire time. She transfers it from one hand into the other, then puts the hand with the paper into the pocket and pulls it right back out, then knocks it off onto the floor, and acts surprised.

30th Aug 2004

License to Drive (1988)

Continuity mistake: When the drunk driver is asleep in the Cadillac while he's going down the road, two of the four headlights are out. But later, right before the car is about to go off the hill, all four lights are working.