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Lynette Carrington

24th Jan 2008

National Treasure (2004)

Continuity mistake: Ben dipped the George Washington button in a liquid solution. But, when he puts it into the gift box, it is considerably larger than before he dips it.

Trivia: When the soldiers bring the car to the castle, there is a black horse with the solider that runs onto the cobblestones and loses its footing, causing its back end to go down.

12th Nov 2007

Blame it on Rio (1984)

Trivia: Michelle Johnson was only 17 when she did her nude scenes for this film.

Raiders of the Lost Ark mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Indy and Brody meet at the University with the two government officials, a group of rolled maps or plans are placed on a podium horizontally. Halfway through the scene, they are all laying vertically.

Audio problem: When Marion meets up with Indy on the steps of the building at the very end of the film, she asks what was going on in there. Her first few lines of dialogue were dubbed in after shooting. Her mouth isn't moving with the dialogue.

Continuity mistake: When the child-catcher captures the children in the cage, the circus decorations fall off as the wagon quickly pulls away. Two shots later, the wagon is shown passing the fallen circus decorations on the street.

Revealing mistake: When Chitty crashes at the car race, it jumps over a small berm and a line of fire blows up in front of it before the car hits it's mark.

Other mistake: When the Bulgarian soldiers storm the village to find the children, one soldier pushes open a door and the soldier next to him butts the already-open door with the end of his gun, making him fall forward slightly.

21st Oct 2007

The Kingdom (2007)

Trivia: On the day where the big explosion was filmed on the Gilbert, Arizona set, the sound was so enormous, that surrounding communities called '911, unaware that a movie was being filmed.

17th Sep 2007

Tequila Sunrise (1988)

Trivia: The hot tub used in the love scene was constructed of untreated wood and the water wasn't chlorinated. Michelle Pfeiffer, her double, and Mel Gibson suffered splinters and rashes during filming. Michelle lost time off the set as she recovered from her rash.

6th Sep 2007

Witness (1985)

Continuity mistake: When Schaeffer and the bad cops approach the Amish Farm, it's late afternoon/early evening. But when Samuel runs to the Hochleitner farm, and when the other Amish come running, it is mid-day or early afternoon.

Continuity mistake: The lion approaches Indy from the rear of the circus car and walks towards the center. Next shot, the lion approaches from the back of the car again.

15th Jan 2006

Air Force One (1997)

Trivia: All the women who survive in the film are wearing pants. The filmmakers didn't want women in skirts to go flying out of a plane.

Continuity mistake: When the repo men are taking Joe's car, the driver and the passenger get in. Immediately following, Joe and K.C. are speaking and the passenger gets into the car again.

3rd Jan 2005

Casper (1995)

Trivia: Early in the film, an SUV is smashed by a wrecking ball in front of Whipstaff. A real SUV was smashed for that film and it was obviously one that had been in a wreck previously. Notice that the passenger door is crooked and pulled away from the frame.

31st Dec 2004

Casper (1995)

Trivia: The interior of Whipstaff was built at Universal Studios. Early in production there were several moderate earthquakes in the Los Angeles area and many of the large cracks that appear on the walls, etc. were real.

29th Dec 2004

Casper (1995)

Continuity mistake: When the priest comes to Whipstaff in the beginning of the film, his cross is firmly snagged on his button. Next shot, it is perfectly free from being stuck.

19th Dec 2004

Blade Runner (1982)

Character mistake: When Deckard is talking to the street merchant trying to identify the snake scale, the identification number he reads aloud is not the number that shows on the monitor.

Continuity mistake: In the shot where the Roses are hanging in the chandelier, Kathleen Turner goes from being barefoot to having some type of shoe on and then back to barefoot.

24th Nov 2004

Weird Science (1985)

Continuity mistake: When Chet gets home the morning after the big party, he does an about face at the bedroom door and starts to kick it open on one side. On the inside of the bedroom door, it shows Chet actually kicked the door in on the opposite side.

14th Nov 2004

Carrie (1976)

Trivia: Betty Buckley really slapped Nancy Allen across the face during the detention scene. Brian DePalma wanted the right reaction.

Trivia: Actor Michael Sheard appeared uncredited as the UBoat captain in Raiders. He also appeared uncredited as Adolf Hitler in the Last Crusade.

14th Oct 2004

What Lies Beneath (2000)

What Lies Beneath mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Claire first sees the ghost, Norman rushes in and Claire grabs and hugs him. Her hand was just in the tub yet as she's hugging Norman, her hand is dry. She would have left some kind of a wet mark on Norman's shirt.

11th Oct 2004

Random Hearts (1999)

Visible crew/equipment: Look carefully as Dutch and Kay are walking down the street in Miami. On the ground, you can see the track on which the camera is rolling.

10th Oct 2004

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Revealing mistake: When in the vault, the Asian acrobat does a flip on to another structure. The flip has been digitally manipulated as his movements are very choppy and unnatural.

10th Oct 2004

Presumed Innocent (1990)

Continuity mistake: When Rusty is at the restaurant with his family, he is talking to his son. The son has a glass of milk in his hand and then immediately, he has a fork and knife. It alternates like this several times.

Trivia: When this film was made, many of the original, Russian crew members involved in this historic incident were very upset about the submarine crew being portrayed as drunkards. Oddly enough, one of the promotional items given out at premieres and to executives was a silver K-19 vodka flask.

Continuity mistake: When Robin crashes the plane at the end of the film, it appears that she crashes it about 1/4 mile off shore. But when everyone runs out to the wrecked plane, it's just a few feet from the shoreline.

Continuity mistake: When Ben appears to the injured Luke (on Hoth), Luke is reaching out with his left hand calling, "Ben. Ben." As Han appears, Luke is found with his right arm reaching out.

Continuity mistake: When the officers on Hoth are discussing that the shield must be shut, Leia is standing in front of a spaceship. Immediately, she is several feet back leaning against the spaceship.