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General questions about movies, TV and more

This page is for general movie questions - if you've got a question about a specific film or TV show, please check the title-specific questions page first.Click the edit button below a question to answer it or amend the existing answer, if needed. Got a question about movies/TV shows that the IMDb or Google can't help with? Just click "submit something" in the navigation bar. I'll post it ASAP and hopefully someone will answer soon! Members get e-mailed when any of their questions are answered.

Question: Around 1980 there was a foreign film (French, maybe?) which had a scene where one woman was instructing an inexperienced young man how to make love to a second woman. Any idea what film this was?

Question: I am looking for the title of a heist/bank robbery movie from the 60s, 70s or early 80s in which the robber, along with his (female ?) accomplice gets himself locked up in the vault. Since the vault cannot be opened before the next working day, he has a whole week-end to open several deposit boxes and put their contents in a deposit box of his own. When the vault can finally be opened again and he is "rescued", nobody knows the boxes have been robbed.

Answer: $ (a.k.a. The Heist) (1971) with Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn.

Question: What is the title of the movie where in the beginning of the movie 2 cars and a truck driver decide to drive together in the same lane, matching speed? I think I saw it between 2007-2010.

Question: I am trying to find the name of a movie from the 80's that played on HBO often. From what I can remember, there is a blond teenage boy who accidentally hits a girl on a bike with his car and kills her. I believe she was going to the store for her mother for a loaf of bread and it was dark and raining outside. Sometime later, the boy ends up dating the dead girl's sister not knowing she's the sister of the girl he killed. The mother sort of freaks out when he's introduced to the family. Any ideas? The blond guy had wavy/curly hair and played in a few movies back in the 80's. Thank you.

Answer: I thought I was the only one trying to find out the name of this film! The movie is called "When We First Met" (1984). It is on Youtube in sections.

Question: I am looking for the title of a movie. I believe it was in the 80s, and I could swear Meredith Baxter was in it. It was about a woman who was married but fell in love with another man (I believe he was her cousin?) they both went crazy. She had children from her husband and they were in a delusional state. There is a part in the movie where they blow themselves up in the car/jeep they are in (entire family).

Answer: Bitter Blood, also known as "In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness".

Question: I'm looking for a film from the late 80's early 90's. It was an American film about a young girl who was abducted and murdered I think by her male school teacher or neighbour. When the man is eventually charged and found guilty of the child's murder in court, the girl's mother shoots him in the courtroom.

Answer: I believe the film you are looking for is "Desperate Justice aka A Mother's Revenge"

Question: Does anyone know the name of a movie about a black family who lives up North? A white man visits and soon marries the daughter. He then go down South and sells her. It's suppose to be based on a true story.

Answer: Captive Heart (1996) with Louis Gossett Jr.

Question: I used to watch a series of kids movies in the late 90's / early 2000. I think there were 6 of them, fantasy adventure films about a boy who travelled to another realm helping, he had a sort of medallion he wore and the titles all had his name in them.

Answer: Sounds like the Never-Ending Story TV series.

Question: I forgot the name of this one movie that I saw back in 2007 on cable television (I believe it aired on AZNtv) the film is set in India and centers around a woman whose family owns a restaurant from their home. Her (rather mixed) family arranges for her to marry a man of good economic standing, but through the length of the film, she begins to fall in love with a woman.

Answer: The movie is called "Nina's Heavenly Delights."

Question: I have no clue what this movie is, as I woke up to it in the middle of the night on IFC a few years ago... What I recall is there is a young woman who carries poison around, killing everyone including the husband of another family that helped her steal millions of dollars. He knows he will die, so he hides the money in stuffed teddy bears to be found by his wife in his child's bedroom. The movie ends with her basically hitchhiking, an old man in a truck stops to help her-she smiles after she gets in and looks at her bottle of poison, he smiles as he covers a woman's body again with a tarp that is in the bed of his pick up. It is not much to go on, but I was violently ill, this is what I recall and I hope you are able to help me. Thanks.

Question: I saw the movie in late 80s but it may be of earlier years. I only remember few fragments and most likely it's an Italian movie: a woman is cheating on her husband, she goes to an outside café and pulls a cigarette, some men give her a light and she agrees on sex for money. They go to a hotel, go upstairs and men have sex with her one after another. She gets pregnant and is murdered by her husband and put in the car trunk. Can you remember the name of the movie?

Question: What is the name of the movie about children who are at summer camp pretending to be Indians and cowboys?

Question: This movie aired on either Showcase or BRAVO. It was a period movie where two women went into the city wearing masks essentially looking for sex. The next scene showed one of the women with a man against a wall. Later in the movie, she sees this same man injured and I think she is helping him or tending to him somehow. I think this was made sometime in the 90s since I recall it looking like a fairly recent movie around 1998 or 1999.

Question: I'm looking for a movie, it's probably before the 2000's but I don't know when exactly. I was a child when I saw it and only remember a little bit. A boy is riding his bike in a wooded area and the tire gets stopped by a fallen tree. A creepy man appears and the boy looks scared. The next thing I remember is the boy tied up in a cave and the father coming to save the boy.

Question: I am having trouble tracking down a movie I saw a couple of times when I was rather young. The clearest thing I can remember about it is the beginning of the movie where there was an earthquake or some sort of attack on the city due to some magical reason. I remember they had magical lifts and they were made of rock. It was all animated and I believe the style was similar to "Flight of Dragons." Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

Question: I am looking for the name of a Russian film - I would say between 1965 and 1985. It was a film set in a high school where the staff got the students drunk, etc.

Question: About the year 2000, I watched a movie about a family of four; a mom, dad, little brother and big sister moving into a house somewhere in the forest, with a lake just in front of it. When they arrived at the new house, the girl went into a little shed where make up, and mirrors were placed. When the girl looked in the mirror, she saw an old lady starring at her, and the girl freaked out. In the end, the family threw a bouquet out on the lake, and a green old hand, with long, thin fingers got above the water and dragged it down, slowly. What film is this?

Question: I'm looking for the name of a movie that was made in the last 10 to 15 years, not in the U.S. But it was in English (not sure if it was dubbed). This 20 something guy drove a trash truck, met this wizard or something from another dimension who trained him to fight bad guys from other dimensions, all the while trying to form a relationship with a girl who worked at some type of coffee house with Xmas lights on the inside. Is this familiar to anyone? Thank you.

Answer: I found it - Soul Searcher, 2007. From Netflix: In this entertaining fantasy thriller, lonesome street sweeper Joe Fallow (Ray Bullock Jr.) finds himself in a perilous netherworld chasing down demonic invaders after becoming apprentice to the ailing grim reaper (Jonny Lewis). When vile spirit Rufus Dante (Andy Nicol) threatens to merge hell and Earth, it's up to Joe, his buddy (Christopher Hatherall) and a ghostly bounty hunter (Lara Greenway) to save humanity from certain doom.

Question: I remember seeing the preview for a movie I wanted to watch but missed it, and have never seen or heard of it since. It was a TV movie in the 90's (around 1996 I think) about a guy who is obsessed with a girl and he ends up putting her in the trunk of his car, I think they were dating and she broke up with him and he went all "psycho". It had a well known TV actress in it but I can't remember who at first - I thought it was Shannon Doherty but I can't find anything. I know it's not much info but please help!

Answer: Sounds like "Fear" - it had Alyssa Milano and Reese Witherspoon in it.

Question: I have been looking for a movie that I watched when I was younger. All I remember was that it was a movie about music where a famous teenage singer falls in love with an average school girl whilst on a tour. Together they smuggle him into her school and they hang out together. I am really wondering what the movie is called and would love to watch it again.