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Dead Space

7 mistakes

Bug: Isaac seems to be immune to a great deal while swinging his fist. One of those things is suffocating. In Zero-G Therapy, if one carries out melee moves constantly, when Isaac runs out of air, he will not expire until he stops moving.

Bug: This is a very easy glitch in Chapter 1. Simply start a Cleared Game save game and go along until you enter the room where the first Slasher drops to the ceiling triggering the start of all the mayhem. Because you started a Cleared Game save, you start with your previous guns. After walking into the little hallway where the console is, shoot the vent on the far end of the hallway. A Slasher will come out. Run out of the hallway and into the room with Kendra and the rest. The Slasher will crawl through the vents and drop into the room. It stalks Isaac, but ignores everyone else in the room. It can be killed like a normal Slasher.

Bug: Rarely, Isaac can walk through a charging Brute, by charging the Brute itself and running between his arm and torso. Regardless, this does leave Isaac with some health loss as he can get tossed back like he was hit anyway.

Bug: When in the Zero Gravity area on Chapter 7 (Into the Void) where you must destroy 4 free floating asteroids (also known as anomalies), there is a chance that the asteroids might not all appear. This in turn means that gravity cannot be re-enabled in the room and therefore also means that you cannot progress through the level. In this case, you must reload your previous checkpoint to continue.

Bug: In the final Chapter, Dead Space, when using Kinesis on the dead man sticking out of the security station's window (on the player's right as if looking at the Hive Mind) and dragging it inside (while in the room), then outside when battling the Hive Mind, the building vanishes. It has no major impact on the game nor final fight but can be distracting and disturbing.

Bug: Only on PS3: At times, when traversing the zero-G section to get to the air purification system in Chapter 6, some of the lurkers there will disappear (try bypassing them rather than killing them to reproduce). If this happens, then the power nodes whose destruction opens the doors to the air purification jets will not be present (as well as the flammable tanks which are supposed to be there), rendering it impossible to open the doors and kill the poison sac beyond them. This is a game breaker.

Bug: In chapter 4: In one of the two elevators, if you stand in a corner and aim while going up, you'll fall through the floor and won't die.


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