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Continuity mistake: In the level Second Sun, when you take control of Ramirez for the second time, the EMP doesn't hit until a few seconds pass. You can tell because the street lights and helicopters are still fully functioning. However, your holographic sight has already been disabled.

Factual error: When the M16A4 is mounted with optics the front sight as well as gas block are removed. Without the gas block the M16A4 could only fire one shot before having to be manually actuated.

Factual error: The M4A1 is not depicted with an ejection port or a forward assist.

Factual error: The FAMAS is the FAMAS F1, which only supports 25 round magazines not the 30 round magazines used in the game.

Factual error: The Desert Eagle hammer is depicted in the forward position in between shots, rather than the backwards cocked position. The desert eagle fires in single action only, and would not be able to fire with the hammer forward.

Factual error: The M9 pistol has a rounded trigger guard instead of the flattened trigger guard of the actual M9.

Factual error: The USP .45 appears to be the USP .45 Standard, but the rear sight is that of a USP .45 Tactical.


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