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Continuity mistake: Jack puts his hat back on as Mr. Ginormous is challenging him to a fight. He keeps his hands on his hat like he's trying to hold it on in a wind storm. The angle changes to behind him and suddenly his arms are down at his side.

Continuity mistake: After the failed attempt to drop a mace on Mr. Ginormous' head, the giant grabs Jack, Tom, and Jerry and taunts them. He then throws them onto the table and Jack's hat comes off and flies away from him. Shot changes angle to Jack trying to sit up and pop off at Ginormous and suddenly his hat is right next to him.

Continuity mistake: When they find the Golden Goose in Ginormous' safe, it has the chain and pad lock on its left leg. After Jerry picks the lock, it comes off its right leg.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: Jack is shown scaling across the thread they bridged between the wall shelf and the painting, and he gets half way across while Farmer O'Dell is distracting Mr. Ginormous with his recitation. Yet when it shows him again, Jack has made barely any distance across the thread at all.

Continuity mistake: Getting into the clock, Tom breaks off one of the weights next to the pendulum off its chain. Yet as they are on the top of the clock about to stretch across to a wall shelf, the weight is back on the chain.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: When Tom is sliding down the thread on the grandfather clock, he looks down at the rug below. The mouse trap that was there that they used to catapult Jerry up the clock has vanished.

Continuity mistake: During his musical number, Mr. Ginormous takes the Shoe House from the "Little old lady that lived in the shoe" and puts it on his foot to wear, ripping the roof off and forcing the residence out. Yet a little later, as the people of Fairyland realize that Jack is the Jack from the prophecy, the little old lady and the kids are shown back in their shoe house, with it perfectly fine and back to the way it was.

Continuity mistake: In his musical number, Mr. Ginormous steps on the cart of pumpkins and splats them everywhere, sending full ones rolling also. Throughout the rest of the scene, all evidence of splattered or scattered pumpkins has completely vanished.

Continuity mistake: The Fairyland Treasurer and his wagon of pumpkins is standing next to King Cole as Mr. Ginormous walks up. But in the shot where the giant comes right up to King Cole, the Treasurer and his wagon vanish, only to reappear in the next shot.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: Once Jack puts the beans in the ground, Jerry covers them up with dirt and pats it down flat. The dirt is perfectly level with the rest of the ground. Then Jack yawns and stretches, and it cuts back to Tom and Jerry. Suddenly the dirt covering the beans is a small mound sticking up with Jerry standing on it.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: After Jerry slaps the tag on Tom's box to ship him to Africa, Tom busts out and the tag is torn and on the side of the box towards the street and Jack. After Jack pulls Tom out of the box, the tag is suddenly on the other side of the box with Jerry standing on it, and it seems to be in one piece.

Continuity mistake: After hearing the news that Mr. Bigley will be tearing down Storybook Town tomorrow, Tom puts himself in a cardboard box on the side of the road to give himself up for adoption. Jerry comes over and packs him in the box and slaps a tag on it to ship Tom to Africa. But Tom busts his head out the top of the box and looks at Jack with sad eyes. From this angle, the part of the box where he popped his head through is straight around the edges and fits up him like a collar. Jerry is standing beside his head with both his hands on his hips. The shot cuts to behind Tom, and suddenly the break of the box around Tom's neck is jagged and ripped and not straight, and Jerry suddenly has one hand on his hip, and resting his head on the other.

Continuity mistake: Once Jerry gets Tom's attention by smacking him over the head with the violin bow, they look down and see the tub that Hermione will be jumping into. This view shows it completely dry with no water, and the bottom of the tub being once solid piece. Then after Tom slides down the rope and dashes to look in for a closer look, it is show that there are now some small water puddles in the tub, and the bottom is made of many boards.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: When Jack sees Mr. Bigley's car drive up, the car pulls in from the left of the gate and is facing right, coming to a stop like that. Then after Jack races to go get his mom, it comes back to Mr. Bigley getting out of his car and suddenly it is facing the other direction, facing left of the gate.

Continuity mistake: Jack gives his cow, Hermione, a hug with both arms around her neck. But when the camera cuts to behind them as he sees Mr. Bigley drive up, suddenly Jack's left arm is down. Then it cuts back to a frontal view and his arm is back up around Hermione's neck again.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: After being launched from the rollercoaster, Tom and Jerry land in the cow's feeding troth and begin skidding at high speed towards the Shoe House. The view from Tom and Jerry's shoulders on the approach shows bars in the windows of the house. It cuts to a side view of the house as the duo are about to slam into it and suddenly the bars vanish. The age damage on the house also vanishes between shots.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: The Pumpkin house comes to a stop once it smashes into the mouth of the mechanical Moby Dick. The door of the house is facing the extreme away from Moby Dick, out away from it. The camera cuts to a close up of Jerry exiting the house, very dizzy, and suddenly the house is turned to be facing away from Moby Dick diagonally. You can tell by the position of the teeth visible.The doorknob also appears between shots.

Tom and Jerry

Continuity mistake: After seeing Mr. Bigley's car pull up, Jack takes off to inform his mom thinking they have a customer. As he is running up to their trailer, the window to the right of the door is shown to have the top part above the door. The as the camera cuts to a closer view as Jack begins trying to open the door, the window is below the level of the top of the door.

Continuity mistake: As Jack reaches the fairgrounds looking for the circus, he sees the train about to leave. The far shot shows some workers by the ramp of one of the train cars, with an elephant partly sticking out of the side, but nobody is moving at all. It cuts to a closer view and suddenly, instantly they are moving the elephant inside.

Continuity mistake: Still singing, Jack takes Hermione by her rope and begins leading her, with Tom on her back, though the gate of Storybook Town. His left hand is holding her rope. The shot cuts to them walking through the gate area, and suddenly his right hand is holding her rope.

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Jack: Mom! Mom! We have customers!
Mom: Customers? How exciting. I will dust off the corn dogs.