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Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Corrected entry: When Austin is fighting Ms Spitz, after the knife has been thrown in her back and before the machine gun fire, you can see she has more than one hole in the back of her dress. If she hadn't been shot yet, where did those holes come from?

Correction: She has been shot, as you can hear the gun before she gets picked up. You just can't see those holes exploding onto her back because they occurred off screen a split second earlier.

Corrected entry: In the chess scene where they start out playing chess and start licking the pieces etc., the square in the lower right corner is black. In chess, the lower right corner square is always white because the queen goes on color and if the bottom right is black, the king and queen are reversed out of position.

Correction: The chess board is obviously the wrong way round; a simple mistake to make.


Corrected entry: The song American Woman by The Guess Who is being played in the nightclub when Austin goes back to 1969. Cool song, but it wasn't released until 1970.

Correction: Austin simply brought records from after 1969 to 1969 with him, therefore American Woman is heard. Let it also be pointed out, however, that this isn't the Guess Who version of the song, it is the Lenny Kravitz version. Either way, Austin brought it back with him.

Corrected entry: Austin goes back in time 10 minutes and meets his past self. However, Austin From 10 Minutes Ago did not repeat the events of Regular Austin and also did not go back in time to 10 minutes ago, so therefore Regular Austin should have just disappeared, because of no Austin going back in time to repeat the infinite loop.

Correction: By going back in time and changing the past he creates an alternate time line; a common convention of science fiction movies.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Austin repeatedly uses Robin Swallows as a human shield, an additional bit was filmed but not used. When Felicity picks up Austin in the 'Vette and they drive away, a car with more bad guys chases them. It pulls up next to them and one of the assassins starts firing a machine gun at them. At the last second, Austin reaches down and pulls out the body of Robin Swallows, again using her body as a shield. He turns to Felicity and says, "Glad I brought her along," then tosses Robin's body out of the car and they drive off. It's a really funny bit, but would have created continuity problems since we see her body lying on the sidewalk when Austin and Felicity initially drive off.

Correction: How is this trivia? This is nothing more than the description of a deleted scene.

Corrected entry: When Fat Bastard is gassing the guards at the Ministry of Defense, he seems to be unaffected by the gas despite not wearing any protection.

Correction: Such is the case with many people's gas: they seem completely unaffected by it even though it forces everyone else out of the room. Also: it's a joke.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Austin discovers that Vanessa is a fembot and she explodes, he picks up her hand. Even though they are married, she is only wearing an engagement ring; no wedding band.

Correction: It is not uncommon for a women to wear what looks like an engagement ring instead of a wedding band. My wife does.

Corrected entry: When Felicity is in the gas chamber it takes 36 seconds from the time the gas starts flowing until the moment Felicity's heart stops. The second time around (when there are two Austins) they waste so much time with talking that it takes more than 45 seconds until Austin frees Felicity.

Correction: Simply explained by the not so simple "chaos theory." Austin changed something subtle by going back, and the gas did not affect Felicity as quickly.


Corrected entry: Throughout the film, during the 60s, the cars are shown with white rear number plates. In the UK, the cars had black plates with silver lettering, changing to white at the front and yellow on the back at the beginning of the 70s.

Correction: Actually, the newer style plates were in use from the mid 1960s, alongside the old black and silver versions until the early 1970s.

Andy Benham

Corrected entry: Why didn't Mini me die when he was ejected into space?

Correction: In real life, of course, he would have. However, this is a movie. There are lots of things in this movie that do not happen (as far as we yet know) in real life, such as time travel. However, the directors still had a need for Mini Me in the next movie - so they shot the movie as they did. And, since they intended it that way, it is not a mistake.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: Felicity's flashback of Basil's saying "remember, by any means necessary" is different to how he actually said it.

Correction: Like any flashback how we remember a memory can differ from how it looked or happened.


Corrected entry: Some sounds of Mini Me's voice are squeaky. But in the part where they're singing and playing the piano, you hear that Mini Me's voice is deep.

Correction: I fail to see how this is a "mistake" since it was planned by the director. The joke is that Mini-me, who never talks in the movie but does "squeak" occasionally, has this one deep voiced line; notice the reaction of Frau and Number Two; how shocked they are. Remember the dramatic difference between what Jim Nabors, of Gomer Pyle fame, sounded like talking (Shazaam) and singing. About the same as Mini-me.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: The actor (Mike McDonald) who finds the penis-shaped ship on radar is the same actor who, in the first one, gets run over by the steamroller.

Correction: That is not Michael MacDonald. He appears earlier, as the guy who discovers Dr. Evil while watching Jerry Springer.

Corrected entry: When Mini Me is first introduced and is sitting with Dr. Evil stroking Mini Mr. Bigglesworth you can clearly see he hands it to someone barely below the table line instead of all the way to the ground.

Correction: He doesn't hand it over to anyone, he just drops the cat under the table.


Corrected entry: Dr. Evil has a button pad on his meeting table. It is to get rid of anyone who is sitting in their chair, if they are "bad". When Mini Me is first introduced, he comes to the table. Scott makes fun of him, and Mini Me jumps to hit Scott's button. When you see his hand and the pad, the very bottom name you can see, is "Mini Me". If Dr. Evil did not know about him then why was his name already on there? If someone else put it there, wouldn't Dr. Evil have noticed it? Also, on the same pad, Dr. Evil's name is on there too. If it is for Dr. Evil's use only then why would his own name be on there?

Correction: Considering how wealthy doctor Evil is, he could have easily had a new button installed upon Mini-Me's creation. As for his own button, if Austin Powers ever tried to capture him he could self-terminate, or it could lead to an escape hatch.

Corrected entry: As Felicity drives Austin away from his pad, you can tell that she is on a green screen because there are parts where she turns the wheel, but the car doesn't turn.

Correction: It is obvious this was done on purpose, to mock old-movies with bad blue-screen effects.

Corrected entry: When Austin and Ivana Humpalot are playing chess, Austin starts choking on the chess piece. He spits it out and it hits the vase, but you can clearly see that the chess piece that he spit out starts to fall to the ground and then magically flies up to the vase and hits it.

Correction: This is partially true, however, there is no footage of the chess-piece "flying up into the vase." You simply see something strike the vase, and it appears to be at a proper angle, so technically, if Austin spat it out hard enough, it would work.

Corrected entry: When the moon base self destructs, there is no debris visible at all where the moon base used to be.

Correction: This is impossible to tell, the camera pans up and fades out, so you cannot see where it used to be.

Corrected entry: When Dr. Evil is negotiating with the President of the United States in 1969, one of the military officials is the exact same actor, at the same age, who played the general from "International Man of Mystery" (1997) who was in the scene when Austin was unfrozen.

Correction: Not an error, merely a coincidental resemblance.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mini Me is first seen, in the shadow on the screen where he is projected as full size before Number Two says he is 1/8 the size. Mini Me is in a different stance in the shadow projection than when the screen lifts to show him to everyone.

Correction: He could have moved while the camera panned down to him. There was at least one second of spare time, which one can easily change position in.

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Ivana Humpalot: Do you know how we keep warm in Russia?
Austin Powers: Oh ho ho! I can guess, baby.
Ivana Humpalot: We play chess.
Austin Powers: I guessed wrong.



During the bedroom scene with Felicity and Fat Bastard you can clearly see the air hose that fills his suit when he rolls over in the bed.



In the opening musical sequence (in the pool) Austin and the water ladies jump out of the water, the lady behind Austin to his left, can clearly be seen laughing because her water cap has fallen down.


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