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Hotel Transylvania

Factual error: Johnny shows Mavis the sunrise by keeping her back in the shadows. But if your whole body is in an object's shadow then you can't see the light source. The rising sun is reflected dead center in Mavis' eyes, which means the sunlight is touching her, which means she ought to be on fire.


Continuity mistake: When everybody is playing bingo, the word bingo is placed correctly on the cards but none of the bingo numbers are in the right place. Plus, when the bingo lady calls out the numbers, everybody is stamping the number that was called under a different letter. Ex. When the bingo caller calls out N-27, Eunice stamps the number 27 but the number where she stamps it is under the letter I.

Continuity mistake: When Dracula is heading towards Mavis' room, one of the rooms he walks past is Room 174. When he finally reaches Mavis room, her room number is also 174.

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Jonathan: Are these monsters gonna kill me?
Dracula: Not as long as they think you're a monster.
Jonathan: That's kinda racist.


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