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The Cold Light of Day

Revealing mistake: In the scene after Will leaves the girl at the train station, the scene cuts to a downtown district. Many of the extras used for that scene are seen watching the scene being filmed.

Continuity mistake: When Will and the girl discover they are siblings, she gets up and walks away. It shows Will look to the right (his left) and contemplate this reality. The very next shot, with no time for position change, shows her with a window behind her. The window is reflecting Will, who is now looking up with his head leaned back.

Continuity mistake: When Martin goes to meet Jean, it shows him get out of the car as Will stays. The camera focuses on the rear view mirror, showing Martin walk up to Jean and stop as they begin talking. The very next shot from outside the car shows Martin walking again, and then Jean begin talking as if for the first time.

Continuity mistake: The man working with Carrack escapes the club and smashes the window of a car. We hear the sound of glass dropping to the floor showing us the glass fell to the ground. But when the car drives off, there is no sign of any glass on the pavement.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Will is wounded and riding on the back of a moped with Lucia, Jean steps out of her vehicle to try and shoot Will. At this time, she is wearing her black sunglasses as she points a pistol at Will. A Spanish cop steps in the way, and she can't take the shot. Her glasses are still on. In the next shot with her, she is watching them ride away and she looks disappointed, sunglasses still on. Shot cuts to Will and Lucia escaping, and then back to Jean. Jean is still in the same position with same look on her face, but suddenly she is not wearing her sunglasses. She shakes her head and says "Lucky" while putting on her sunglasses now, as if for the first time.

Continuity mistake: The Range Rover's right hand side door gets taken off completely, but a few seconds later a shot from inside the same car shows the door as intact.

Continuity mistake: There are two cars driving side by side. The small Audi is initially on the left side of the Range Rover. In the next shot the Audi drives behind the Range Rover on its right side for 2 seconds and the next cut-scene, where the cars are colliding, the Audi is back again on the left side of the Range Rover.

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Lucia: I was not your father's lover... But my mother was!