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The Pact

Factual error: When the main character goes into the church, she looks at a picture from 1989 labeled "annual picnic". In the picture a boy (next to the main character's mother) wears a hat with a DC (DC Shoes) logo on it. DC Shoes was established in 1993.

Continuity mistake: After the funeral back at the house, Nicole's sister Annie goes to the bathroom and undoes her belt to sit down to pee, but when she hears a noise and stands up and pulls her pants up, her belt is buckled.

Continuity mistake: A girl is attacked in the closet and cut on the left shoulder. The cut is visible througout the next sequences of scenes. Later she is shown with a large bandaid on her right shoulder.


Visible crew/equipment: As the sister is walking through the house for the first time she steps through a door arch and the shadow of a camera man appears on the wall.


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