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Moonrise Kingdom

Factual error: The police station wagon is a '68 Plymouth. The movie is set in 1965.

Factual error: Suzy's bra is not typical of a young girl in 1965. Training bras in 1965, often manufactured by Teenform or Teencharm, were much more substantial and modest.

Factual error: The VW Bug that the belfry falls on is a later model than 1965 when the movie is set. The larger tail light with yellow on the lens seen on the VW in the movie didn't come along until 1968. The one in the movie may even be of early 70's vintage.

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In the scene at the cove where Suzy and Sam are talking after swimming, the flower stem over Sam's ear keeps changing positions. In some shots it's parallel to the temple on his eyeglasses, and in others it's drooping down over his cheek.


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