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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Continuity mistake: When Jack Barts is lying on the ground, right before Abe kills him, his right hand is empty. When he is lying in the casket and Adam opens his hand, there is Abe's pocket watch.

Continuity mistake: When Lincoln is hacking down the tree, he manages to chop a big part of it, but when he gives the final blow, before the tree sort of explodes, there is not a single scratch on it.


Factual error: When Abraham and Speed are hiding in the belltower, Speed bumps into the bell's pulley and it tolls loudly. The nudge wasn't hard enough for the bell's clapper (pendulum) to hit the side of the bell.

Continuity mistake: As Abraham ends his speech on stage near the end of the movie one of the men behind him puts his hat on twice - once in the camera shot behind, and again in the camera shot from the front.


Continuity mistake: When Will and Abe are discussing sending more troops, Will is wearing glasses, but when he says "If you do this there is no turning back Abe" there is as side shot and he is no longer wearing glasses, then the shot switches to frontal and there they are again.


Continuity mistake: While Henry is talking to Abe in the bar after some time of training, we can see that his face has healed. However, in the next scene where he shows Abe the vampire targets, his face is as beat up as before.

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