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Continuity mistake: When Merida is climbing the rock to drink from the waterfall the rock is several meters away from the waterfall, but a few shots later it is centimeters away.

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Plot hole: During the scene where Merida gives her speech on "breaking tradition", her mother, as a bear, moves silently behind the majority of the crowd, so they don't see her. Fair enough. However, Merida and her father's clan are all looking in the same general direction (towards the crowd) while she's speaking - how does no one from Merida's clan see a bear moving at the back of the room?

Factual error: When Merida's family are having lunch, potatoes are being eaten. Potatoes weren't introduced anywhere in Great Britain until the 16th century - this film is set around the 10th or 11th century.


Continuity mistake: When Merida hops on her horse and takes her "day off" she is wearing a blue dress. However, when she climbs the rock next to the falls, and on the top of the rock, her dress is dark green. When she goes back home, she is wearing a blue dress again.

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Continuity mistake: After Mor'du gets crushed by a large piece of stone, and as the sun is rising, Merida removed the tapestry from Angus to place over her mother, who is still a bear, in hope to break the spell. Angus also appears to be in the circle of stones, yet, in the shot that views everyone in the circle of stones from above, Angus is nowhere in sight.

Factual error: When Merida is having her day out, the bird she sees is a Harris's Hawk. However, the Harris's Hawk is native to the central part of America, (southern North America down throughout much of South America) and wouldn't be seen in Scotland.


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