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The Three Stooges

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The Three Stooges: TV Spot - HBO Source: TrailerAddict

TV Spot - HBO for The Three Stooges on TrailerAddict.

The Three Stooges: International Trailer Source: TrailerAddict

International Trailer for The Three Stooges on TrailerAddict.

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Larry: Hey, little fella, want a peanut? Dolphins love peanuts, you know. Here you go. Catch.
[Larry tosses peanut to dolphin and it falls into its blow hole.]
Curly: Oh, my God! I think he's snufficatin'!
Larry: Don't worry, pal, I know the Heineken maneuver.



In the scene where the three stooges are driving the golf cart and round the corner the handle from the lawnmower is extended and knocks over the ladder with the Nun. The next shot shows them getting out of the cart and the handle is no longer sticking out of the side of the cart.



Jim Carrey was originally offered the role of Curly, but turned it down because he didn't want to wear a fat suit, and felt he was too old to gain the necessary weight without risking his health.


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