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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Continuity mistake: At the start the black SUV clips a red car and we see the headlight break. A few shots later the SUV is fine.

The Demon

Continuity mistake: When Johnny is talking to Vasil, the phone in Vasil's mouth changes position. Notice the little bit missing from the side of the phone.

The Demon

Continuity mistake: Moreau puts the picture of the boy on the bike. When Johnny picks the picture up its position has changed.

The Demon

Revealing mistake: When the guy is thrown off his bike at the start, it is a very clear CGI person that shoots.

The Demon

Other mistake: As Johnny looks down on the wrecked car after defeating the devil, we see a blank brake disk without a wheel on. I guess it would theoretically be possible for all five lug nuts to rip clean off during an accident and leave the brake disk bare and exposed. But then the threads in the disc would still contain the shorn-off remnants of the lug nuts, instead of being empty.


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