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The Woman in Black

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The Woman in Black: TV Spot - On Blu-Ray Source: TrailerAddict

The Woman in Black: TV Spot - Never Forgive III Source: TrailerAddict

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Daily: I believe the most rational mind can play tricks in the dark.



In the scene where Arthur first enters the house and starts going through paperwork, there's a shot of Nathaniel Drablow's death certificate which shows 'body was not recovered' in the box next to his cause of death. Such a thing would not be written on death certificates of the time - that box is reserved for 'Signature, description and residence of informant', a heading which can partially be seen as the camera pans across the certificate. For the death to have been registered, an informant's signature would have to have been there.



Daniel Radcliffe plays the same character which Adrian Rawlins, who plays his father in the Harry Potter franchise, played in a 1989 British TV movie.