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The Ides of March

Continuity mistake: When Stephen sees the video playing on a computer, the bar moving along suddenly jumps backwards between angles despite the video being played forward.


Visible crew/equipment: When Paul exits the barber shop, a crew member next to him is reflected on the car's side.

The Ides of March mistake picture

Continuity mistake: *SPOILER* When Stephen finds Molly dead, her position on the floor and the scarf on the bed change positions between shots.


Revealing mistake: When Philip Seymour Hoffman gets a haircut, the camera is extremely close in on the electric razor going through his hair several times, but it is quite obvious that no hair is actually being cut.

Continuity mistake: Molly's fingernail polish changes from a medium shade when she enters the abortion clinic to a much lighter shade when she is finished with the procedure a couple of hours later.

Continuity mistake: When Paul exits the church and talks to Stephen, the position of his hand holding the cigarette is inconsistent between shots.

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Ida Horowicz: Hey, Steve. I'm still your friend, right?
Stephen Meyers: You're my best friend, Ida.


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