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The Avengers

New this week Factual error: During the scene on the Helicarrier where Bruce Banner "Hulks out" and jumps at the F-35B hovering just outside, we see the F-35B fire its guns, one inside each of its intakes. The F-35B has only one gun, externally mounted to underside of the fuselage. It would be impossible to mount a gun inside an aircraft's intakes.

Revealing mistake: You can see the blue screens on Bruce Banner's glasses when Tony Stark is talking to him about embracing the Hulk rather than disliking it.

Continuity mistake: When Tony goes after the nuke, there is a huge cut visible next to his right eye. This cut vanishes after the Chitauri ship is destroyed.

Continuity mistake: When Tony arrives at Stark Tower, he and Pepper share a bottle of champagne. In the shot where he says "Next building is going to say Potts on the tower", Tony's champagne glass is in his hand and there's no sign of another glass several inches either side. In the next shot, Pepper's glass is suddenly 2 inches away.

Continuity mistake: Watch Fury's collar as he's telling Hill to have all of Phase 2 equipment on a truck and gone. In different shots, the way it's folded out or standing straight up is never consistent.

The Avengers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the big battle against the Chitauri, Captain America is zapped with a blaster bolt. When Thor helps him to his feet we can see a significant amount of damage done to his suit, just below the star on the right hand side. But later on after Iron Man destroys the Chitauri ship with the nuke, the damage is completely gone.

Continuity mistake: After the big battle, Iron Man lies on the street when Capt. America, all dirty and messy, says "We won." Iron Man sighs in relief and rests his head on the pavement. A frame later, from a wide angle, his head is raised, plus Capt. America's face is clean and his hair is brushed.

Continuity mistake: When Agent Coulson is dying, Fury grabs Coulson's chin with his hand. The hand disappears in the angles shot from behind, only to reappear in the front ones.

Continuity mistake: While Loki lies on the floor and talks about the Tesseract, bushes appear/disappear by his left side between shots.

Continuity mistake: After the Tesseract opens up the portal that Loki enters from, 4 SHIELD guards are seen slowly advancing on his position. On the left side of the device, two of them are moving. The one further behind walks over an area of the floor that is illuminated by some orange light. The shot cuts to his feet, and suddenly the floor is dark.

The Avengers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Sunlight is alternately on the top of Captain America's head or not when he tells the two policemen to get the civilians off the streets.

Continuity mistake: When Steve Rogers first meets Bruce Banner, Rogers' hair keeps changing between being neat and being blown apart, depending on the angle.

Revealing mistake: In the scene after the Chitauri army enters the atmosphere, they start shooting people in the ground and in the next shot if you see underneath the bridge there is a restaurant with people running around to avoid getting hurt. If you see there are two glasses of wine and some food plates sitting in a table firmly which does not even move despite the blast wave that was created from all the shooting in the ground near it.

Continuity mistake: Loki escapes with the Tesseract and when in the tunnel shoots a cop car with two men inside. After the car flips over, it's obvious that the car is empty.

Continuity mistake: When Thor asks Loki about the Tesseract, he grabs him with his left hand around his neck. The thumb is either by the ear or on the neck, depending on the shot.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the scene "Mountaintop Battle" while Loki and Thor argue, Iron Man flies into Thor, tossing him to the ground below. Thor's hair is messed up and dirty. The shot changes, and when it goes back to him, he is standing and his hair is clean and neatly combed.

Continuity mistake: After Hulk smashes Loki against the floor, the amount of rubble around Loki changes between shots.

The Avengers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Loki escapes with Hawkeye and Agent Hill is chasing them, she does a 180° spin and ends up face to face with Loki's driver. She shoots through the glass and you can see the bullet hole, but during the rest of the scene, the hole is gone, or moved to the passenger side.

Continuity mistake: When Natasha is tied on the chair and the phone falls on the floor, it disappears, then reappears but turned off, and finally we see it with a shining bright green light (as it was supposedly left by her, when she left the call on hold).

Continuity mistake: When the Helicarrier is about to take off, Banner and Rogers are still at the edge of the landing strip, identified by the yellow SHIELD logo and the jet that Banner is checking out. But the shot hangs on Romanoff for a second, and when it cuts, Banner and Rogers are instantly at the very edge of the ship, a good 50 feet away from where they were a second ago.

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Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you?
Tony Stark: A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.



From a bird's-eye view, the layout of the helicarrier's bridge forms the S.H.I.E.L.D. Eagle logo.