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The Avengers

Factual error: During the scene on the Helicarrier where Bruce Banner "Hulks out" and jumps at the F-35B hovering just outside, we see the F-35B fire its guns, one inside each of its intakes. The F-35B has only one gun, externally mounted to underside of the fuselage. It would be impossible to mount a gun inside an aircraft's intakes.

Factual error: The Mark 7 takes 9 seconds to assemble - give or take. Judging by the view of the Chrysler Building, Stark Tower is about 300 meters high. Even if you wouldn't count the time it takes for the suit to catch up with Tony, 9 seconds is too long, he would hit the ground before the suit would fully assemble.


Factual error: In the scene in Stuttgart, we see a "reserved parking" sign written as "Reservierten Parken". First of all, this is grammatically wrong - if used at all, it should be "Reserviertes Parken". But you wouldn't find a sign in Germany saying that. They say "Reservierter Parkplatz".


Factual error: In Stuttgart, the German police cars use the wrong lights (they should be blue instead of orange-yellow) and license plate marking arrangements.


Factual error: The Königsstraße in Stuttgart is located in the city's main shopping area, not its cultural center as the film would suggest.


Factual error: When Natasha/Black Widow jumps off of Captain America's shield and grabs onto that flying device, it was going so fast that it would have ripped her arms off.

Factual error: The video game company NAMCO Bandai is misspelled twice as "NAMECO Bandai" in the end credits, although fixed in the home video version.


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Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you?
Tony Stark: A genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.



A reflector screen is visible on Hawkeye's sunglasses at the very end when Thor and a restrained Loki are returning, presumably, to Asgard.



While on the helicarrier, Tony Stark is wearing a Black Sabbath T-shirt. Black Sabbath is the band who sung the "Iron Man" song.


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